Ring tones

I always spoke contemptuously of people with fashionably musical ring tones. What an insane waste of technology! How ridiculously pretentious! What a lame song! OK, so mostly I was contemptuous of people's taste. And also jealous because I wasn't willing to waste money on a cool phone that could do shiny ring tones.

Now I have a cool phone because we swapped over to T-Mobile. Yes, I've joined the Crackberry generation. And that means I can have cool ring tones, too.

To aid in this endeavor, I found a shiny site called Audiko which has a zillion musical ring tones available and will create new ones from your existing MP3s. So now instead of some lame ring-ring-ring noise, I've got Collective Soul's Heavy.

My phone is cooler than yours, but more importantly, my musical taste is superior.



cell phones

I am eligible for my new every two years phone. I'm having trouble deciding on what features are important to me, and then balancing that against what looks good. I hate my current phone, but of the new ones available, an updated version of mine seems to be in the top3. I've been reading reviews but the ones I think I'd like didn't do so well in the reviews. It's a hassle.

Verizon is teh suk

One fo the reasons we switched, even though everyone we know has Verizon, is that we couldn't get even the same level of service we had on our old contract for the same amount of money, and the phones were lame. We're paying about the same now that we did before, but we have shinier phones with enough PDA functionality (web browser and e-book reader with wireless internet) that I don't need a separate device. OK, not that I needed a separate device, but I wanted one and was thinking about spending money on one. We also have 400 text/picture messages per month, and more shared minutes.

But we have reception out here for T-mobile, too, and that wasn't really an option where we were before.


Sigspace on a mobile

Also, I have new sympathy for Ick reading at home on his PDA, because my site looks like ass on a mobile platform. It's past time for my post on RSS readers and why you should be using one, ESPECIALLY if you're on a PDA or cell phone. But also, I might consider putting together a mobile version of the site. That would be useful and interesting to learn how to do.



It's about time.