Internet Dads and Nuclear Purple Poo

Sometimes I think that I'm a lousy father because I don't update my web page every time Siglet reaches a new milestone. My friend Scott provides a much better example of the modern 21st-century connected father. You can trace the story of Zoe from the beginning, and while the updates naturally space out a little as time goes on, you are still able to clearly tell how she is doing and what new craziness she's up to.

Contrast this with Иван Грозний (Ivan the Terrible, Siglet's secret name among the Fremen), who apparently went from being born to being photogenic to crawling to watching the iTunes visualizer to walking with no intermediate stages. Or so you would think from reading this site.

I have mixed feelings about this. I feel vaguely guilty for not diligently taking advantage of the era in which we live to share the joys and highlights of Ian's discovery of the universe around him, especially on behalf of family several time zones away. On the other hand, it's not like he gave me a consent form to write on the Intarweb about the nuclear purple poo he's going to have when he finishes processing the blueberries he just ate. And thanks to the magic of the age, such stories will be around for all eternity, or at least until after the point where he gives up trying to have a serious political career because pictures of him in a hat box keep surfacing.

Still another factor is just that I don't feel particularly generous about having his life out there on the intarweb. There are some things about being Ian's parents that are just for his parents to enjoy.

But I will share some tidbits, because it's been a while.

First, he is now bathing in the big people bathtub, and he loves it. For sustained Siglet laughter and joy, drop him in a tub. He's got a fair collection of toys to play with, and he would sit there happily until the heat death of the universe, squeezing his rubber ducky and dumping water out of his bright plastic cups. I have some terribly cute video on my phone that I will post at some point.

Second, it should be noted that Siglet is not a cuddly baby. He doesn't much care for hugs or being held close unless he is very tired. I've only successfully rocked him to sleep in my arms a handful of times; until recently he tended to fight pretty hard. But lately, while we're playing downstairs in the family room, he's been willingly coming over to give me quick hugs, and even crawl in my lap for a minute or two before hopping off to go pull all of my DVDs off the shelf and unplug my home theater.

This afternoon, we were watching the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon on DVD and playing. I was laying on the floor and he came up next to me, climbed up on my chest, lay his head down right under my chin, and just sighed quietly for a moment--just a quiet happy moment with dad. And then he pushed himself up, grinned at me, and rolled off to go gnaw on a stuffed animal that caught his eye.

It was a really great birthday present.




What a very nice update. You are right--that's the very best kind of birthday present. Love you Son.