US Army

CENTCOM is watching.


It's kind of like a war

A note to the aforementioned NCOIC: Rank is a poor substitute for credibility. You have one, but you'll never have the other again.

How to name a task force

Some task forces are merely numbered or otherwise designated, but most are given some sort of clever name. During Operation Mountain Thrust, I was attached to a task force named after a kind of mountain lion that no one had ever heard of—but as with the operation name itself, it sounded vaguely dirty.


It took me two days to track down someone who could open up the armory and get me a weapon, and I'm finally carrying again--my M-16, because the supply sergeant is "not sure" where my M-249 is. Not sure. How can you be not sure? This isn't a laundry bag that got thrown in the wrong bin--it's a belt-fed 5.56mm fully automatic friendmaker.

Not only in war

Bad news can come from any front.

Kuwait again

They really ought to medicate us on the way home. I don't know about everyone else, but I was feeling extraordinarily hostile even before the travel shock set in; after flying for a day or so, it was all just a blur of fatigue and misery.

Harder job

This is not the first time that I have thought that going to war is often much easier than waiting for someone to come back.

My office

My office

During the last big op, Operation Mountain Thrust (worst. name. ever.), this was my team's office for 18 days on a ridgeline. It didn't become this grand and fancy right away, of course--it took hours and hours of digging, lifting, carrying, and adjusting to make a habitat this fine.

I slept in a hole in the dirt about 10 meters to the left.


Scheduled leave--a cruel cruel joke.

We are to check in at 1800, at which time they will probably tell us that there is no flight today, and to come back at 0800 tomorrow. This is why you must check your weapons into the armory before you go on leave.

Molasses warfare

Now, it’s not like I had lots of other important things to do, and the Army pays me the same whether I’m playing Final Fantasy at the FOB or hunting the bad guys out in the boonies. But I didn’t come here to play video games—I came here to find the bad guys so that they don’t interrupt my video game playing back home. If I’m not going to be looking for bad guys, why am I here?

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