My life has officially changed again.

My life has officially changed again.

Born 1210 local time on 28FEB08 at the local naval hospital, measuring 20.5" long and 7 lbs 3 oz, I present to you my son and heir, better known as Siglet but officially known as Ian Anthony.

SitRep to follow. Eventually. =)


[Edit: added the date; sorry for the confusion.]



That is fantastic news! I can't wait to see more photos and get some numbers!


I guess I got a little overexcited and missed the numbers right there in your post. :)


He's adorable :)

haha, awesome... I thought

haha, awesome... I thought her last post was sounding pretty close....she was nesting and busy.... We'd love to hear the story soon! now go rest!!! that's an order!



Congratulations to everyone! Leap day babies are the best. :-)

Congrats Again!!

He's so cute! (I didn't want to leave a message anywhere she hadn't posted yet) I just wonder what he did with that basketball that was with him........


The date looks confusing--Ian was actually born on Thursday February 28. He didn't want to join his five relatives with March birthdays after all! By the way, he's absolutely perfect.

28 Feb, not 29

Sorry for the confusion; I was in a hurry and totally forgot to include the actual date. I've edited the post to fix that.

There were several people there who induced on the 29th; we actually had to move to another room to make space for some of them. We were moved because we were "the most well-adjusted" of the people there at the moment.

One new father got on the phone to Papa John's to get his kid a free pizza for his birthday. He got it delivered on base, no less. Crazy.



You two are braver than I would EVER be. Congratulations.