"Roger, engaging."

I have been fired at on a number of occasions--I'm not going to say 'many' times, but more than a few. Not so often that I become used to it, but not so rarely that it's a super big deal.

This cut, taken from the day after Thanksgiving, is the first time I ever had opportunity to fire back. I still don't know if I hit anyone, but I was doing my darndest to make them keep their heads down.

The firing in the background, which sounds like a woodpecker on crack, is a M-240B 7.62mm machine gun--distance and a microphone not really designed for high fidelity make it sound much smaller and insignificant than it is. The pop-pop-pop noise (always in threes) is a 25mm cannon--in person, it's a boom-boom-boom noise.

Particularly amusing to me is the BONG noise at the end of every burst. The SAW spits out spent brass shells down and to the right side. They richochet off the armor of the humvee, leaving little divots all around the turret, and then bounce off the front plate--that's the BONG noise. I'd never heard it before--it amused me greatly.

Depending on commentary, the tides, and my mood, I may post another longer segment (7 minutes or so) which highlights the brilliant chaos of combat. Incoming rounds and RPGs can also be heard, usually followed by intemperate language.



Rescuing kittens

The audio definitely brings the war home. Now to bring you home...




Heh. I opened the MP3, then read your post as it played in the background. I heard the BONG before I got to your description of it, and wondered what the heck it was... :)

A little late to be posting

A little late to be posting on this one, but Ray Joseph was a 240B gunner. They're apparently heavy :)


They're ungodly heavy. If we were going to be mounted all of the time, we would have tried to beg/borrow/steal one and I'd have my 16 in the turret as backup. Unfortunately, we move around so much that we have to travel lighter than that; we never know when we will find ourselves dismounted, and we can't take heavy weapons with our other job-related gear. The SAW is a nice compromise weapon--big enough (barely) for the turret, and small enough (ha!) to carry around dismounted when that is necessary.

Never did get issued a backup weapon, though I borrowed other people's M9s from time to time.