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E-mail to a Lieutenant

CCed to the company commander and the outgoing readiness NCO, because we're nipping this problem in the bud right now.


Regardless of how unhappy you may be with whatever situation in which you find yourself, heaping verbal abuse on my SPC is inappropriate and unprofessional. In the future, if you feel the need to swear at us over the phone, please request that SPC [name] pass the phone back to me so I can hang up on you instead.

Alternately, if you would prefer to communicate politely, I can try to resolve your problems.

SSG [Sig]

Next week should be fun.



First, I was told I got the job. Then, there were all sorts of internal politicking things going on where Battalion tried to assert its ownership over my immortal soul by claiming that thereafter I would not only work full time at the battalion office, but would also drill there on weekends--in effect, making me one of those inferior class of people who aren't in B Company.

. . .

PS- Also, and probably of more interest and excitement in our household, Siglet is walking now. 6-7 steps at a time, but I think he only stops because we start getting excited and he doesn't want to tip his hand about just how mobile he is. He's cagey, that one.

Review: Boker Cop Tool

I wanted something more appropriate for daily carry--not overtly threatening, yet still useful in case I need to flip someone's breathing switch. As a bonus, I have developed a new irrational fear of being trapped in a burning vehicle, so a strap cutter would be ideal.

Update! I just discovered that the strap cutter "corner" works perfectly as a bottle opener. SWEET.

. . .

6 out of 7 burning Humvees that don't have Sig trapped in them.

Combat and the Psyche

The sense of unreality and triviality when you return to the States is one of the things that freaked me out the most. I just honestly could not believe that people cared about American Idol when Kevin Edgin was bleeding out in a Humvee north of Kandahar.


This is where a large federal government takes you. This is where you go when you say that nothing is beyond the reach or responsibility of the national government. It's why we had a federal system in the first place. It's not robbing Peter to pay Paul; it's robbing Peter and Paul to fund community-based law enforcement initiatives to prevent robbery.

Review: The Weapon

Good violent fun. A little on the grim side. I will re-read it when next I'm feeling super misanthropic and angry about our foreign policy wonks kowtowing to the UN and EU. Tomorrow, maybe.

5 out of 7 orbital kinetic strikes on population centers.

E-mail scams, post-OIF

At least it's novel. I was getting tired of the huge sums of money being offered to me, a random intarweb stranger, and I think it's rather telling in this economy that the scammers are promising not free money, but lucrative post-war reconstruction contracts.

Some things are just funny, and you need to get over it.

My wife shared an item, and then I saw the Slashdot article on it: Sniping Could Be the Next Killer iPod App. Basically, it's a rail-mounting system for an iPod with ballistics calculation software on it, so you can have it mounted on your rifle.

Kind of cool. Not something I would likely spend my precious coinage on, although I wouldn't mind having the rifle.

As is usually the case, Slashdot is good for lots of knee-jerk reactionary commentary, with the occasional insightful remark. And, of course, lots of jokes in poor taste--that is to say, funny jokes.

The reactionary stuff is the most entertaining, though. A typical example:

Anyone who has ever taken a human life doesn't crack jokes about it. unless they are a cretin or a sociopath, or have never actually taken a human life

so if you found the headline funny, please self identify as moron or psychopath or ignorant, and go about the rest of your day, content in the fact that you know a little bit more about your personal failings

In response, I can only give the following:

Q: What's the first thing you feel when you shoot a civilian?

A: Recoil.

Humor at its finest.


Return of the Jawa

But mostly I'm just tired of it. I have actual war experience now. My real Army friends, SSG Smallville among them, are going to Afghanistan again soon, and I'm not going with them. I'm worried about actual American heroes doing a dangerous job while I am safe at home with my family, and I no longer have the energy, patience, or will to spend time on a wannabe.


I didn't see it all, so somebody tell me--did he see his shadow?


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