Vox Veterana Archive

On 21 January 07, I received an e-mail from TF Boggs, who was writing to say nice things about my site and ask if I were interested in contributing to a group site for veterans of the current conflict. By June, the site was up and we were starting to post content; my first introductory post was on 21 July.

Tim had a few other people lined up as well, and we also solicited for submissions and guest columns, but I don't think it ever quite took off the way he intended. And then we both got busy, he with higher education and a post-Army career and me with a baby and other miscellaneous life stuff. Postings were kind of intermittent, and then dropped off entirely.

I felt guilty enough to keep posting from time to time, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly diligent about posting on my own site. Finally, after my last post, Tim posted notice that after the last trip to DC, he had become too cynical about the process and the people involved to write about politics any longer. An excerpt:

What makes it all worse is the day we spoke to our senators and congressmen General Petraeus was delivering his quarterly report, a few hundred yards from where we were, about the state of affairs in Iraq. His message was for the most part positive. He talked about the success of the surge along with many other victories we were finally seeing after several years of getting things wrong. His message, along with ours, was ignored by a large part of the senators and congressmen that heard us that day. All for purely political reasons because they couldn`t argue with the facts on the ground as we presented them.

I can hardly fault him for getting tired of the mess and frustrated with the people involved. The military mind and communication method--at the grunt and junior NCO level, at least--is refreshingly direct and honest, and it's gotta be like gargling broken glass to try to discuss policy with "big picture" people when you know guys on the ground getting shot at.

Anyway, after that post, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to back up my entries just in case--as I've said before, I'm my own favorite author, and I wanted to have a record of my work, such as it is. Just as well that I did, because voxveterana.com is no longer bringing up the site.

So here are my entries in the order they were posted originally. You don't get the fancy color scheme, nor (unfortunately) the comments, but this is more for me than you, anyway.


PS- For those who read SigSpace via RSS, you may have to actually open the site to view the listing of entries.