Так мое слово становится камнем

Well, crap.

Oh well. It happens. On the positive side, I am unlikely to be called up to help put down riots in Seattle or Olympia, so that's something.


Wisdom for the day after

From this post:

So, if the other guys wins the election this year, what I hope you will do is acknowledge that he is your president, and wish him well in guiding the nation through the next four years. Be in opposition, but be a loyal opposition, with your loyalty to the Constitution and the nation it allows to be.

The republic will not end tomorrow, nor in January on inauguration day. But if it does, our response to that stimulus should be an interesting test of character, so that's some consolation.



There were a few races with more compelling arguments from the (D) candidate, but given my expressed concerns about the composition of the coming government, you'd pretty much have to be a serial killer to be an (R) and not get my vote for the federal Senate or House--and even then, it might depend on who you were targeting.

The Case Against Senator Obama

In which Sig spends a lot of words just to link to somebody else who did a much better job of explaining why not everyone feels the Hope and Change.

We're a geeky family.

Some people do wacky recreational things on their holidays, or visit family, or go on outings. We stayed in and installed new aftermarket batteries in our venerable (but still viable) iPod Minis using instructions found here and batteries found here. $9 each, plus exorbitant shipping, but far cheaper than a new iPod, no?


That about sums it up.

That about sums it up.

After Bible study the other night a group of us headed over to Travis and Nicole's house, as is our wont. We got talking about the forthcoming presidential election, as is popular of late, and I remarked that the situation reminded me of the ad for the Alien vs. Predator movie: "Whoever wins, we lose." It never occurred to me that someone HADN'T done up a picture based on that premise, but I haven't been able to find one. Travis was up to the challenge, however, and I am indebted, since I have exactly zero Photoshop skills.

It's funny only because it's true. On our calendar at work, November 4 shows "Election Day." November 5's caption is "Drink heavily and cry a little."


The NSA is listening to your phone sex.

In which Sig does not reveal state secrets.

[11Oct08 Update]Is it unreasonable to expect the media, when reporting on a story potentially very damaging to the credibility of a national agency involved in the war on terror, to at least acknowledge the connection between sources of the story and prominent anti-war groups?

We have forward motion.

As of yesterday, we have confirmed, sustained forward motion by the now self-propelled Siglet. I have some poor video on my cell phone which was rendered even poorer by YouTube, so we'll hold off on that for now. We REALLY need to find the power cable for our video camera, which we purchased just a week prior to his arrival and have only used a few times. Also, we need a FireWire card for the computer so we can do direct video upload. Anybody have make/model recommendations?


He Said I Could!

I'm testing my ability to use Sig's blog for my political blathering. He's a great husband – he's letting me use his space to rant. :)

This post has no substance, due to the fact that I have no idea where it will go when posted.

Testing, testing, 1 2 3 . . .

[Update below the fold]


My wife stopped by to talk to my parents last night and drop off some Mary Kay Kult stuff for Mom, and they got talking about plans for the weekend and whatnot, and my dearest mentioned that we were heading over to her parents' house tonight to watch the recorded debate. Apparently, this idea for a fun Saturday night was met with stunned disbelief.

Look, if it helps wrap your brain around our oddities, pretend it's the playoffs for a sporting even that you care about. Except that our sport only has playoffs every few years, and it actually matters who wins. And sometimes the winners get to invade other countries. Take that in your pipe and smoke it, Super Bowl.


Addendum: Seeing the media articles calling it a "tie" or having "no clear winner," I'm going to predict that I'll call it a clear win for McCain after watching.

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