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Reality check

My wife made pizza for dinner. I've spent the afternoon reading web pages, playing Left4Dead, and then feeding Siglet. He fell asleep in my arms shortly after Sunbeam left for her Mary Kay Kult meeting, leaving me to play video games all evening long. Tomorrow I'll go back to my job that I don't really mind, where my coworkers will ask me how the interview went because they're genuinely supportive of my attempt to get a job at Battalion and make the unit a slightly better place.

And my niece's surgery went well.

I have the best life of anyone I know.


Board out of my mind

There may be some value to seeing how much composure a soldier maintains while saying "Sergeant, I do not know the answer at this time" for the tenth time in a row, but I'm not sure what it would be. I honestly don't believe trivia questions help assess anyone's fitness to do anything except memorize and recite trivia, and frankly, we could do with a whole lot less of that in the Army. (I had a friend in junior high and high school who could rattle off the first hundred digits of pi. He was capable of a lot of amazing and useful things, but that was not one of them.)

Twice denied

As with last year, they somehow are going to try to cope with the disaster without my help. Last time, it was because our unit was too far down on the list to be of use.

This time, they called up my unit, had us wait around all day long, and then pulled out most of the people already on orders. Because I'm already on full time orders for the state, to put me on State Active Duty (SAD) orders would jeopardize my housing allowance and other regular benefits I get. The organization I work for doesn't want to give us up to help out the state emergency because they're paying our bills. So basically, I don't get to help out because there would be too much paperwork involved.

Today was entirely wasted, my unit is having fun without me, and I have to go back in tomorrow to write reports that no one will read. And I have drill this weekend, during which I'll probably be stuck doing more of the same.

This is what the Guard does; due to bureaucratic nonsense, I don't get to participate. I'm entirely unsatisfied with this outcome. If I weren't looking for a different source of work already, I would be now.


Damage control is also our business.

I received the call, and I'm taking a break from packing my cold weather gear to check the news. The governor has authorized up to 200 guardsmen to mobilize to help out Spokane, which is probably not coincidental.

Cold? Check. Rainy? Check. Miserable? Check. Better than going to the office and writing a report no one will read? Check.

The only thing that would make this better is if we got diverted to put down peace riots at The Evergreen State College.


Killing is our business.

1. Kill people.
2. Break stuff.
3. ???
4. Pension!

Don't go into the light!

So, of course I immediately started wondering if I was doing irreparable harm to his developing young brain, since that's the sort of things that new parents think all of the time. [If you're a new parent and you don't think that all of the time, you will now obsess over your past failure to do so and how you're a rotten negligent parent for not even worrying about your child's brain being turned to tapioca pudding by shiny music visualizations or C-SPAN or what have you.]

Mulling it over

We've heard of mulled wine, of course, and there are lots of other traditional holiday/cold-weather beverages, and by "traditional" I mean "things we've heard of from Christmas songs, usually those sung by animated characters in holiday specials on television shows." (Wassail, we're looking at you.)

Apparently, Fort Lewis doesn't have a single ice-scraper truck.

Really, it's not even the snow--it's the other people. That was the reason I went in early on Wednesday; there were only a few inches of snow, but there was at least half a foot of stupid.

Radio check, over.

[Originally posted at Vox Veterana on 25 AUG 08.]

I`m not sure what Tim is up to, but I have a six-month-old. That`s my excuse, and I`m sticking with it. Also, I`ve been TDY four times in that six months, with another in a few weeks. And we moved. Life has been hectic.

But good. Really good. I`m very blessed to be living in this nation, and able to serve her full time--no pesky civilian career to get in the way any longer. I`ve been a "part time" soldier (on temporary full time status) for longer than I was ever a "full time" computer nerd, so I guess my career transformation is complete.

I`ll try to muster up some enthusiasm and ire to write something clever here, but for now I will direct you to my most recent missive of any substance, Staff Sergeant Sig. Contrary to expectations, it`s not all self-congratulatory nonsense.

To bribe you, there are also cute pictures of my son over there.


You should be reading this guy.

[Originally posted at Vox Veterana on 08 MAR 08.]

You wouldn`t know it from the news lately, but apparently there`s some troops over in Iraq doing something or another. Despite his handicap (LT bar), this guy has some great stuff to say, and does it beautifully and eloquently. If you want to know what it`s like to wander through the valley of the shadow of death, I can`t recommend LT G highly enough.

I`d post links to my favorites, but I`ve shared a lot of them via my Reader and I`m holding a baby in one hand, so this is already a sisyphean task.

Check him out--he writes gud.


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