Dear Video Game Makers

However, as much as I'm enjoying your game, I have a minor nitpick. It's very dialogue-heavy, with a lot of character and plot exposition going on in dialogue. I love that, truly. No arguments there. The voice acting is good, and I really am getting into it, far more so than the last few Star Wars films, for example. However, there's a teensy little problem.

And now for some techpr0n

In which Sig talks techie nerdy stuff in the context of his new computer.

When Russian Goes Bad! (Bad Russian! Bad!)

I was searching for info on a game that I have been lent. I came across the following Russian game site. This really speaks for itself:[quote]As a whole the game created about itself excellent impression, video, sound, simplicity and complexity in single whole create unique impression about best RPG which I it saw. Nothing is compared with this, I advise all although once to sit down at this game and to take pleasure by peace Neverwinter. Pover'te, you will forget it never, in you all, even smallest details will remain in the memory. Even those, who do not love this genre, he is worth trying, but suddenly it to you to catch the fancy, although 4 this I do not doubt.

You never will be strummed into this miracle of computer technologies, with the fact that the developers about this tried to the glory. I desire to you to successfully pass it several times, and to then create their peaces, to play on the network with 64 the same amateurs of this masterpiece, and to kill more than 200 are specific diverse monsters. On this I will finish its survey, I desire to you pleasant to take pleasure by game...[/quote]Having played the game a little before, I am forced to agree--indeed, you never will be strummed into this miracle of computer technologies.



I'm not sure how I missed this, but it's been out for almost a year. This is exactly what Flash is for--pointless, small, entertaining, and non-invasive.

It should, um, go without saying at this point that you will need Flash to view/play it.


So. Shiny. Whoa.

If you have any interest in the modern video game scene, you've probably already heard people rave about Gears of War and how you have to actually take cover in order not to die--running around really fast won't do it anymore. So allow me to rave about the game and how you have to actually take cover in order not to die.

Final Fantasy I & II: The Dawn of Souls (GBA)

Character advancement is the big thing--your guys gradually become more kickass and develop new abilities, and you're constantly hunting for new equipment. The endless quest to become slightly more powerful without any useful purpose is most well-known to the public in such manifestations as Worlds of Warcraft, Everquest, and the Presidential elections.

Final Fantasy I: 7 swords out of 10
Final Fantasy II: 8 chocobos out of 10

Simple Sudoku

In which Sig makes a rare software recommendation for aspiring Rain Man wannabes.

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