Some minor adjustments

I have finally broken down and fixed a few things that were bugging me. It's not ideal yet, but it's better.

First, I have downloaded and installed the current CAPTCHA module for v5.1 of Drupal. This will allow me to re-enable anonymous comments without approval; you just have to do simple math. Sorry, kind of a pain, but better than me checking the queue every few hours to see if anyone had written anything. Users with accounts, as always, can make fun of my grammar and spelling to their heart's content without any to-do.

[As a side note, if you have an account but don't remember the password, that's what the Request New Password page is for. If that doesn't work for you, shoot me an e-mail (sig at sigspace dot net) and I'll make it right.]

Second, and perhaps more importantly, I have found a fix for the image module so that when you click on "original" to see the full-size picture, it opens in a new window rather than doing that severely messed up thing it used to do where it would display underneath the sidebar and whatnot. That was totally unsat, and I'm not the only one who thinks so, but the module writer (bless his heart) considers it a minor feature request. I resorted to using a contributed patch that someone else had come up with, and it seems to work. If it does not, someone please let me know.

In my ideal world, you could click on the preview version of the picture when it shows up on the front page, and that would bring up the image page with the explanatory text that no one but me reads; clicking on the photo on that page would then show you the full-sized picture in a new window/pane. I mean, really, who wants to look for an "original" link. Click on the picture. Pictures are pretty. If we're going to insist on using a graphical intarweb, we might as well make the pretty pictures into links.

That's all I've got. My back is feeling somewhat better, and I have a lot more mobility. Putting my boots on is still quite difficult, but I can stand and walk around unaided, if slowly.



Photo Page Improvements

Nicely done on the photo pages. The new functionality for the link to full-size is very nice. Next minor quibble: The photos don't show up in your RSS feed, which means that I have to deduce that you're talking about a photo from the description. If it's possible, it would be lovely if the feed could include a thumbnail of the photo, like when you view it on the site. Failing that, some sort of indication that it's a photo post would work, too.

Anyways, I'll quit picking nits now. I've been enjoying all the posting you've been doing - keep up the good work!

Bugs me too

The photos not showing up in the RSS feed is kind of annoying; I will be looking into how that might be accomplished, but the image module is not part of the core system--so you have to convince the guy who wrote it that there's something worth changing. It would also be nice if the RSS feed had things like the tags/categories, and maybe embedded a little more of the formatting. I will see if anyone else has been complaining about these things; maybe someone has found a solution (as was the case with the image hack).


This is the portion of the blog...

Where those of you who are neither blonde or rediculously technologically will roll your eyes.

I see you guys talking about RSS feeds, and I have ZERO idea what this this something that even a blonde should have?



RSS allows you to subscribe to a site. You have a program (or a web application, like Google Reader) which is automatically updated whenever the sites you are subscribed to have new content.

Drupal has a rudimentary RSS aggregator built-in which keeps track of the feeds to which I have subscribed. I don't use it much since I started using Google Reader; I've considered turning it off entirely. Before that, I used it a lot, as it was a simple way to view the things I was interested in without having to actually visit the sites (which might load slowly over the terrible access overseas, or be blocked by filters).

Anyway, you can subscribe to the SigSpace RSS feed with one of those programs and you can get the entire text of my posts without having to actually visit the site. You can't get the photos, unfortunately--only the descriptions. We were discussing things we wished could be included in the feed and how it might be modified, but I am no coder myself--I would need to find someone else's solution to the problems.


Thanks for clearing that up

When one is blonde AND technologically challenged like I am, the simple act of turning the computer on and having it do what I want is a really good day!