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Safer today than under Saddam?

Duncan Maxwell Anderson at The American Thinker crunches some numbers. Emphases added by Sig.
[quote]According to the French wire service AFP, which is not known for its support for U.S. interests, in Iraq as a whole, 840 Iraqi civilians were killed last month by militias, bombs, or armies-or 28 people per day. That's a 50-percent drop, down from 1,771 in August

. . .

If we're talking about only civilians and political prisoners, the toll for Saddam's 23 years in power was at least 300,000 people murdered; that's 13,043 per year; 1,086 per month; or 36 per day.

At that rate, if AFP's estimate is the correct one, for an Iraqi civilian, it's safer to be in the middle of a hot war under American rule today, than "at peace" under Saddam. And of course, Saddam's 300,000 political murders are a number apart from the 500,000 or so Iraqi soldiers he sent to their deaths in his bizarre invasions of Iran and Kuwait. And the hundreds or thousands of murders around the world that he caused as a financier of terrorism.[/quote]
Read the whole thing. He makes a very good point about the necessary evil of our invasion of Iraq in relation to the ongoing evil caused by our inaction. It's always easier to say no, to opt out, to do nothing, but that doesn't mean that it's the better choice.


It's spelled Tsar, not Czar.

Today's challenge is two-fold. First, read this article announcing the next Prime Minister of Russia (long long before any elections). Next, try to imagine (if you can) an equally fawning press--which in this article does everything but offer sexual favors to V. V. Putin--for our own president. Bonus points if you can somehow envision this without making your brain cry.

No, there's nothing truly groundbreaking here. Like a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, we know how this is going to end before it even starts: very red.


The media is lying to you.

Via Blackfive, this entry at Protein Wisdom is the best indictment of the war coverage I have seen so far. It puts the Scott Thomas Beauchamp disgrace in context with the overall "big picture" in coverage of Iraq. This is the sort of thing I wish I could put together.

If you still believe that you're getting truth from the American mass media, you owe it to yourself to read this entry and some of the many references that back it up. Even if you don't, it's an excellent reminder of just how bad things have become, and some of what is at stake.


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