Mulling it over

We've heard of mulled wine, of course, and there are lots of other traditional holiday/cold-weather beverages, and by "traditional" I mean "things we've heard of from Christmas songs, usually those sung by animated characters in holiday specials on television shows." (Wassail, we're looking at you.)

Mulled beer, however, was a new one on me, but given the extreme weather of late and--more importantly--the fact that we happen to have the ingredients lying around our kitchen, I knew immediately that I had to give it a swing once I came upon the recipe in Urn's Google Reader shared items.

Preparation was pretty much as described in the recipe above, although I don't know if I whipped the egg yolk quite as much as it called for; it was pale, but I don't think I could in good conscience call it "almost white." The sacrificial beer for the experiment was Red Hook's own Winter Hook, which I rather like, but not so much that I can't bear to part with one in the name of science.

The verdict? Huh. It's not awful, but I can't see myself hankering to try it again immediately. It's quite possible that I was a little too exuberant with the spices, and of course a different beer could yield a much different result. It's just a little labor intensive on a small scale, and I'd have to be fairly certain of the results before sacrificing enough beer for a larger batch--not to mention needing people to help drink it.

In short, I will happily try this again if someone else will whip the stupid egg yolk. And preferably measure the spices. I mean, what is a pinch, anyway?




A pinch is in fact a specific measurement size - 1/16 of a teaspoon.

a "pinch"

Wow, that is a teensie weensie tiny amount.