Don't go into the light!

So, of course I immediately started wondering if I was doing irreparable harm to his developing young brain, since that's the sort of things that new parents think all of the time. [If you're a new parent and you don't think that all of the time, you will now obsess over your past failure to do so and how you're a rotten negligent parent for not even worrying about your child's brain being turned to tapioca pudding by shiny music visualizations or C-SPAN or what have you.]

Technology in the home

Executive summary: We bought some more home electronics so we could separate the television function from the computer function, and then we moved the television back into the computer room for unrelated reasons.

I'm not sure it's possible to have a dignified name for a wiki.

Seriously, "TiddlyWiki?" It sounds kind of naughty.

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