Didn't I enlist to stop doing this stuff?

In which Sig talks about work--past, present, and future.


In which Sig (thankfully!) doesn't get hired for a job he never really wanted.


So I ended up eating chicken noodle soup, sucking down TheraFlu, and beating X-Men Legends on my new (to me) GameCube. I have only two games; this one, and Super Smash Bros Melee. The single-player value of the latter is somewhat limited, alas, especially if you suck at it (which I do). It's quite humbling to get your ass kicked by Jigglypuff.

This post has no unifying theme or topic.

Some people would look at my life, with the unemployment and the uncertainty and the borderline poverty and the occasional explosions and wonder how someone who lives like that could believe in a benevolent higher power. But to my mind, God gives me this life because He knows how much I like to think I'm in control of my own path how much I like to think I know what's going on, and such a life is necessary to pound it into my skull: there is nothing I have that was not given to me.

[Edit 16OCT07: Now with clown picture.]

Once again, the music stops.

Executive summary: Last week I found out that I'm about to be unemployed as of the end of this month. Depression and resigned searching for a civilian job ensued.

Still waiting on the bionic spine.

It's probably a good thing that I am feeling better--I called for to set up an appointment for the physical therapist, and they can't fit me in until 1000 hours on the 30th--of July. When people talk about free health care for every American citizen, tell them to close their eyes and picture 300 million people on TriCare--while their eyes are closed, punch them in the throat and see how long they're willing to wait to see a doctor.

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