Так мое слово становится камнем

Typical Seattle Education.

Michelle Malkin notes a pretty disturbing assembly in a Seattle high school, as reported in the Seattle P-I.

Why is it that I rarely hear about anything GOOD happening back home? That's off the chain, even for the infamously liberal I-5 corridor. Whatever you think of the war, the president, or the policies, civilized people don't do that to invited guest speakers.


In Hiding

I'm in hiding at the moment.

There is a Mary Kay Kult meeting going on in the dining room, so I'm hiding in the bedroom (with Chance, intermittently; he's not too sure about strangers), drinking decaf and working on the site. Specifically, I'm copying selected blog entries from sobrania.homelinux.net to sobrania.net, since I want to start using the server for testing again.

NTS: I may have to pick a new homelinux.net subdomain to more easily differentiate between the systems.

Anyway, you might see certain things from the old site reappear here, though I have been copying over the entry dates as well, so they shouldn't pop up on the front page or anything.


The "Study" Video

This is what happens when Russian students drink. At least, when ours do.

drunk.avi (10 meg or so)

I was the camera man. The two morons on the roof of the shed about to swing from an outdoor extension cord are the two strongest speakers in my class. Go figure.


The Incredible Disappearing Login Block

...in which Sig does battle with PHP and wins. Sort of.

Storm Theme

The 'Storm' theme I have developed using one of the default Drupal xtemplate themes is available here. This is a slightly improved version over the old one I had made available for download, as it fixes the navigation tabs that show on some pages which had insufficient contrast to be legible.

Just unzip into its own folder under /themes (e.g. /themes/storm) and it should show up just fine. I should probably get around to making a screenshot to use.

Ни так плохо, ни так хорошо.

Было ни так плохо как я думал, ни так хорошо как я хотел, но, я кончил устный экзамен, и это цель. По моему, я получил 1 плус.


Game time

Alright, OPI is at 1000, in a smidge more than 3 hours from now. I spent a good portion of the weekend govoriting with my droogs and I'm feeling pretty russkij. This should be interesting.

This is pretty much the dealmaker or -breaker for me, since I expect to pass the reading and the listening portions pretty easily. Once I take this, I've essentially finished the course that has occupied so much of my time for the last 12 months.

Gonna need some good coffee today.


Sobrania.homelinux.net should be back up.

I spent way too long today resurrecting the server and making it play nice, but we finally have it back up. In addition to its relatively insignificant web server duties, it also handled NAT and web proxy duties here in the home, and that's what I was really wishing I had.

I will probably make some changes there to better distinguish it from this site, since this one is in active development and that one is not. Once I've removed what I need from the drupal 4.5.2 install there, I will probably wipe the box and start testing 4.6, assuming that time allows.


This should be good.

The cats are cleaning up the plate I set on the floor next to me. The plate which had burritos. Covered in hot sauce. This ought to be amusing, as long as I'm not cleaning up cat yak at 0300.


I don't envy recruiters.

From IntelDump, an interesting article on the problems we face trying to field an all-volunteer force. Part II of the article can be linked from there for more goodness.


  • Recruiting is down for all services, but esp. the Army
  • The Army is lowering their standards to make numbers.
  • Black enlistments, historically a high percentage of incoming recruits, are dropping sharply.
  • Applications to the US Naval Academy also down.
  • Closer to home, the National Guard is having an especially difficult time convincing people to sign on the line when "1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year" translates to "18 month tours in the sandbox" in reality.


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