Kuwait again

They really ought to medicate us on the way home. I don't know about everyone else, but I was feeling extraordinarily hostile even before the travel shock set in; after flying for a day or so, it was all just a blur of fatigue and misery.

On the way

On the way. I'm in Kuwait currently; it's supposed to get to 115 today, according to the paper. It's a lot like Kandahar, climate-wise--like having someone follow you around with a hair dryer turned on high.

I should be home early evening Monday.

Of course, a lot of things should happen.


Scheduled leave--a cruel cruel joke.

We are to check in at 1800, at which time they will probably tell us that there is no flight today, and to come back at 0800 tomorrow. This is why you must check your weapons into the armory before you go on leave.

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