You'd be surprised - nay,

You'd be surprised - nay, shocked - at what selected works of various well-known persons could be confused, if read without context. that's neither interesting nor useful.

I am strongly annoyed by the usage of "socialist, both as pejorative, and as heinously misapplied to so incredibly many politicians. It's use betrays to me an overall naivety about economy (hint: "pure" capitalism is just as bad as, if not worse than, "pure" socialism; nothing is so great it can't be done improperly), and does indeed indicate to me that the writer can be discounted - they don't know what they're talking about.

I don't say they're offering the same thing. I think that McCain's views seem to imply a greater adherence to the notions of laissez-faire economics and trickle-down theories, though not slavishly so, and that Obama favors more government regulation and support, but again not slavishly so. Economically, I'm seeing different preferences but not huge gulfs. I would point out, however, that Obama does seem to have more solid economic credentials than McCain, but take of that what you will.
All that said, neither Obama nor McCain could, in my opinion, be considered anything like socialists, and it irks me to see it bandied about. That it's a term which has been applied to nearly every politician in the past 20 years, and basically means "person who is more liberal than I am" to me kills the credibility of anyone who would call another a socialist.

I counter to you that I am highly unconvinced that Obama will not make a credible Commander in Chief. Clearly, there are no few people, even higher up in the military, who are comfortable with him in that role.

And, of course, the remaining point is that I beseech you to consider that the civil rights issues are as unacademic to me as the "commander in chief" issue is for you.


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