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...And back

I'm back for a few weeks, possibly more.

I'll have to look through my journal (the dead tree one that my Sunbeam sent me) to see what is appropriate/interesting/non-OPSEC-violating for repost here, but let me summarize quickly:

  • Letters written: 17
  • Books read (on my PDA): 40
  • Days spent actually employed: 8
  • Days spent USEFULLY employed: 0
  • Flea bites: too numerous to count
  • Goats eaten: 1 (tasty, but odd texture)
  • Grenades thrown: 0
  • Shots fired: 0
  • Incoming fire received: 0
  • Enemy seen: 0

More details will be forthcoming--and more interestingly (to most), more photos.

UPDATE: The photos are here, after way too much frustration with Coppermine and the slow uploads.


I love my web host

It's time for more (NFSN) fanboy ranting. If you have no interest in website hosting, you may safely skip this entry.

OPSEC on teh intarweb

In which Sig ponders a Powerpoint presentation on the dangers of teh intarweb.

The return of Photo.Sigspace.Net

I re-installed Coppermine, so Photo.Sigspace.Net is back up. There isn't anything there that wasn't already posted here on an individual basis, but I will use it to handle photos from now on, since Drupal's ability to do that is extraordinarily limited and somewhat arcane.


Roy's Quote

In which Sig discusses the significance of Roy Benavidez, and why you should click on his link.

One year

One year ago tomorrow, I decided that I'd had enough with trying to run a web site from my DSL line and dusty Dell P3 server. I set up hosting with and configured (now using Drupal v4.5 with an all-new database.

When I split the site and created SigSpace, I cloned that database and then nuked the stuff I didn't need. In that sense, at least, this is the 1-year anniversary of both sites.

In honor of the occasion, I updated the about page and my own user page. Now I'm going to purge some old user accounts.


Images and words

In which Sig schemes to theme.

I destroyed my photo gallery in a fit of rage. I'll fix it later.

I gotta say that the thrill that comes with utterly destroying something with a few clicks almost makes the frustration of setting it up in the first place worthwhile.


New service: Sitebar

An online bookmark management and sharing tool comes to SigSpace. And there was much rejoicing. (Updated and clarified 21Feb06)

Goofing off a bit

In which Sig plays on the Intarweb. What, you expected something profound to happen the day after he gets access?

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