Так мое слово становится камнем

Desolation and Insect Genocide

Currently cutting across SW New Mexico on I-10. We just switched up after I spent the last 4 hours or so behind the wheel. Just crossed the continental divide--4854 feet. This is the low point, I guess, or one of them.

There's nothing to see. A few distant rock piles which might be mistaken for mountains in bad light. A lot of weeds. A road. Power lines. Occasional train. The skies are grey and moody--also rather dusty, a subtle nod to the possible dust storms that the roadsigns have been screaming about for the last 20 miles. So far, however, the only significant airborne menace has been the bug population, which has been committing mass suicide on our windshield for the duration of the trip. I wonder if they drink Kool-Aid before they take wing.



Geek is driving around Tempe, AZ, looking for a Jamba Juice and when one is unable to find one by wandering around, looking for a payphone phone book, and when that fails to appear, whipping out the laptop with 802.11g wireless and hitting jambajuice.com during a long light near an open access point to find a store listing and map.

God bless people who don't know how to configure their network hardware securely.


Poolside in Tempe, AZ

In which Sig and Sunbeam meet various CoGers, consume much good food and beer, and somehow end up in Arizona.

Locked and Loaded

In which Sig muses on the impending PCS and CoG tour.

Наконец--I'm finished.

Finally, I am done clearing. It took way too much time, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but I did eventually clear S-1, and as far as the Battalion is concerned, I'm just some random Soldier--no longer their problem. Tomorrow morning I have graduation at 0915, and then I sign out on leave, at which time I'm free until April 8th, when I must report in at Goodfellow AFB to Bravo Company of the 344th MI Battalion to finish my training.

So what does that mean? It means I won't be on the intarweb much--possibly for quite a while. So don't expect much in the way of updates here, and when they do show up, expect them to be bitter and brief.

The news aggregator will keep going, of course, if you are interested in that.

Once I have more free time--end of the summer?--I intend to revamp the Russian section, maybe do some real reviews of the various sites and organize links and such in a more useful fashion. I have some ideas on how that might best be done, but as always, suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime, I have a LOT of packing to do, now that DLI is done with me.


Clearing: Scavenger Hunt for the Retarded

In which Sig does battle with military bureaucracy, and suddenly wishes he was back fighting Russian again.

And the final results...

Needed: 2/2/1+ (reading/listening/speaking)

Earned: 3/3/1+

I'll take it.


Это всё.

Конец курса. Последний экзамен--совсем уничтожен. Ничего ещё сказать.


One more to go

Our listening test was today at 1000, though I still had to get up at 0430 for PT. Tomorrow we have a platoon weigh-in at 0530, so I STILL need to get up early, even though the only thing on the schedule is my reading test at 1300--the very last test at DLI.

So how does one prepare to take the last test after a year of intensive study? By drinking beer and watching Children of Dune on DVD.


Computers make students more dumber

Pupils make more progress in 3Rs 'without aid of computers'
[quote]The less pupils use computers at school and at home, the better they do in international tests of literacy and maths, the largest study of its kind says today. . .

[T]he study, published by the Royal Economic Society, said: "Despite numerous claims by politicians and software vendors to the contrary, the evidence so far suggests that computer use in schools does not seem to contribute substantially to students' learning of basic skills such as maths or reading."

Indeed, the more pupils used computers, the worse they performed, said Thomas Fuchs and Ludger Wossmann of Munich University.[/quote]

But this is the key, by my thinking:
[quote]Pupils tended to do worse in schools generously equipped with computers, apparently because computerised instruction replaced more effective forms of teaching.[/quote]

Having studied in a decently funded public school, a fairly tech-savvy public university, and now a military language school in love with computers, I can say with some assurance that I have yet to see the computer lab that I wouldn't trade for an additional teacher who knew their business.


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