Review: Boker Cop Tool

I recently realized that the last knife I had bought was my CRKT M-16ZSF back in Kandahar. (Mine looks like the picture, but has the Operation Enduring Freedom label on the blade, which is quite rare; even in Afghanistan, most knives have the Iraqi Freedom label.) I paid $32 for it at the PX, got halfway back to the compound, and turned around and bought another one for my buddy Matt. It's been my daily carry knife ever since. (MSRP is something obscenely higher than $32, but eminently worth it. It's still my favorite lock blade.)

However, it is technically illegal to carry in a number of places, particularly King County, owing to the blade length. I might be able to talk my way out of trouble, but it looks dangerous. It doesn't help that it flicks open at a glance with a satisfyingly snappy whick! sound, or that I keep it pretty darned sharp, though its primary use is to slice the occasional bagel and open letters.

All of this, in combination with the fact that it's been over two years since I bought it, clearly indicates that it's time for another purchase.

I wanted something more appropriate for daily carry--not overtly threatening, yet still useful in case I need to flip someone's breathing switch. As a bonus, I have developed a new irrational fear of being trapped in a burning vehicle, so a strap cutter would be ideal.

Wilson Tactical makes the perfect knife for my needs. However, they make it in a $140 package--that's a no go on single-income E-6 I-also-need-to-buy-diapers-and-ammo budget.

Apparently a lot of other people thought so, too, because lo and behold, Boker licensed the design, used 440C instead of D2 steel, changed the grip to a more conventional handle (instead of the parachute cord wrap, which I hate anyway) and gave us the Boker Cop Tool.

I love this knife.


  • Sharp
  • Shiny
  • Sits well in my hand
  • Very solid feel
  • Designed for prying--this is normally the first thing that voids your knife's warranty
  • Strap cutter doesn't get in the way
  • Comes with the dangly cord thing that Wilson Tactical makes, which I immediately removed and put on my keychain.


  • Comes with a sheath clearly designed more for cops than soldiers; it doesn't stay on a web belt well at all, and it doesn't have any kind of retention except for friction. The shape of the knife is such that you cannot find MOLLE gear sheaths of any kind that will work with it. I would LOVE to be able to mount this sideways on my belt on the front so I could reach it while seated and wearing body armor, but it won't happen with this sheath. Still, if you wear a police-style gear belt, this is a non-issue.
  • A regular sharpening stone is clearly right out for any but the prying edge, which isn't really sharpened. I have a little sharpening rod I keep in my miscellaneous stuff pouch in my left thigh pocket, and that should work just fine.
  • Not being an opener, I can't open and close it *snicksnick*, *snicksnick*, *snicksnick* for three hours at a stretch during briefings, which is great for unnerving the instructor and the first sergeant.
  • Made in Taiwan under license to a German company.

That's pretty much it, though. I love this knife. If I can modify an existing MOLLE sheath somehow, I am golden. In the mean time, it sits inside my waistband on the back, which (mostly) keeps it where I can reach it during the day.

Update! I just discovered that the strap cutter "corner" works perfectly as a bottle opener. SWEET.

6 out of 7 burning Humvees that don't have Sig trapped in them.



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Not Mexican Food

What's MOLLE? I keep reading it as the Mexican "mole", and thinking of yummy enchiladas. But I know that's not what it is. :)

MOLLE gear

According to Wikipedia, it's "MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment." Kind of funny how "modular" gets two caps and "carrying" gets none...


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Well, MLLCE looks too much like Roman numerals – but it also doesn't have a catchy pronunciation. And MOLLCE is too long to be sophisticated. Not that it's any less silly than MOLLE. :)