Goodfellow endgame

It is the solemn duty of every private (and specialist, of course) to avoid as much work as possible, just as it is the solemn duty of every NCO to make this extraordinarily difficult.


Back in the search mode

Unfortunately, the best case scenario for this summer is that I do indeed pass my course the first try, graduate on time, and end up back home in WA in mid-August with an apartment lease and no income.

So it's back to looking for a job again. The pluses and minuses of a 21-month break in employment in my chosen field--


  • No current relevant work experience
  • Only vaguely aware of current trends in the IT world
  • Last job ended on something of a negative note


  • Top Secret/SCI security clearance
  • Passable Russian linguist
  • I can do 60 pushups in two minutes.

Unfortunately, in my residence of choice, none of those pluses count for anything at all. This is a little depressing.

So anyone know of a need for a once-competent PC/network support guy in the Puget Sound area? I learn fast.


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