Socialism--not just a pejorative any more

I recognize that you come from a very different perspective. And you're welcome to it. But what Senator Obama claims he wants and what he has historically supported are very different things. When you read a quote and you can't immediately tell whether it's Senator Obama or Karl Marx, you can make a fair case for socialism, which has a definition and is not just a name being thrown around. Are there alarmists on the right? Yes, absolutely. Does that mean that you should discount everything they say? I don't. You may, of course, do what you like, including dismissing their arguments as between hyperbole and falsehood. Read his own speech transcripts, and read up on socialism, redistribution of wealth, social justice, and make your own call. If you honestly believe that's what would be best for America--in other words, if you plain come to a different conclusion--then more power to you, but don't try to tell me that the candidates are offering the same thing.

I don't particularly want McCain, but I honestly believe he is the least worst option for President. It's less academic for me than it is for you; "commander in chief" is not just a phrase, but a specific legal relationship for some of us.



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