I most definitely do not have a dislike of all politicians. I am not overly fond of either of the major presidential candidates, however; in neither case do I think that the best candidate from the field was selected, nor do I think either would be a particularly good president. This does not mean, nor do I intend to imply by the picture, that I think either candidate should be hunted to the death for sport or be used for live fodder such that gestating extraterrestrial spawn burst out of their chest.

The best case scenario, from my right-wing guns-and-religion-clinging perspective, is that we get someone with a very spotty record of supposed conservatism trying to mend fences with an insanely hostile Congress, which, if we're lucky, won't have a supermajority in the Senate able to override the opposition party at will. My greatest hope is that the next Congress will be as ineffectual as the current one.

The very real risk is that we will have a Congress and Executive that won't have to compromise--at least much--and they together will fill the hundreds of vacant Judicial appointments that Democrats have prevented from being filled for the last few years. We've had this sort of lineup before--it brought about the largest increase in size and power of the federal government in history, up until the recent silliness that was managed even without such congruence of thought.

I think this is a bad thing. I recognize that you might very well not, considering that our political leanings are drastically different, but you'll understand if I'm less than thrilled with the impending state of affairs.



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