Dad came out last week and I got to see him for the first time since 2004, back when I was on vacation for two weeks during the language school. Not needing much of an excuse, I took the whole week off. Of course, I didn't spend the entire week with Dad, but we did run around and do things (Siglet instantly loved him, which shows good judgment on his part).

I also had time, however, to take care of some things that have been waiting. I spent four hours on Friday looking up web sites and reading candidate pages, official statements, editorials, blog posts, and news articles--even knowing my mind on most of the big issues, it still takes me quite a while to fill out an absentee ballot. Unless they are bringing notes with them, I can't imagine how anyone votes in a little booth on election day--there are just too many candidates and positions and propositions and initiatives and whatnot.

To no one's particular surprise, I voted mostly but not exclusively Republican. There were a few races with more compelling arguments from the (D) candidate, but given my expressed concerns about the composition of the coming government, you'd pretty much have to be a serial killer to be an (R) and not get my vote for the federal Senate or House--and even then, it might depend on who you were targeting. Most of those (D)s were at the state and local level, although I didn't really keep track.

My recommendation to everyone is to go vote early in the day (if you haven't done a mail-in) and then ignore the news. Listen to a CD in the car. Watch a DVD or play a board game when you get home. Go to sleep early. Resist the temptation to get wound up about this thing, because for good or ill, it's in the hands of the voters (and the people who count the votes, and the people who watch those people, etc., etc.).

Not that I'm going to follow my own advice, of course. I have a shot glass and whiskey--I'm ready to watch television.



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"Not that I'm going to follow my own advice, of course. I have a shot glass and whiskey--I'm ready to watch television."

I needed a good laugh this morning, thanks!