A defeat of will

There's a lot of flap over at Blackfive and elsewhere about Senator Harry Reid, specifically this clip:

This is a war of will, not arms. I support the war in Iraq, and I am willing to go there any time the Army cares to send me, but I don't think we are going to win. Not because we lack the ability or the weapons or the numbers, but because we lack the will. The only people who can defeat us in Iraq are our own politicians, our talking heads, and our newspaper columnists. Their fears and their hatred and their cynicism and their political maneuvers are going to cost Iraq, destroy our military's morale, undermine our public confidence, and invite further aggression by the people we are warring with. Thousands of people who trusted us and believed us and helped us when we said we would stay and make things right are going to be murdered in the aftermath.

I hope I'm wrong.



Yes, sadly..

You are right....We here in Michigan have the misfortune to be represented by Sen. Carl Levin, who happens to currently be the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee....In other words, these guys have a LOT of clout when it comes to the military, and the war.

A friend of mine who is a Lt. Col. in the Reserves (and a Michigan resident) is in some god-forsaken place mentoring the Iraqi army. He has emailed to a group of his friends many poignant letters about his observations of Iraq, and most specifically, what the overwhelming sentiments are of the average "Iraqi on the street," essentially begging us not to leave. I have sent several of these on to my US Senators, Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin with the Lt. Col.'s email address indicating that he would probably LOVE to hear from his US Senators, and, more importantly, they could learn first hand what's going on there, rather than through briefings by staffers and others with their own agendas. Given that this Lt. Col. is one of their VOTING CONSTITUENTS, I thought perhaps they might be remotely interested.

Sen. Stabenow did not give me, or the Lt. Col. the courtesy of so much as an auto-robot email reply. Sen. Levin's office sent me a knee-jerk form email essentially saying, "Thank you for your email. Like you, I feel our war in Iraq is a great mistake that must be rectified, " etc. Of course that is NOT what my email said, which made it clear to me that the staffer that hit "send" didnt bother to read it and I'm sure it never saw Sen. Levin's furrowed brow. In short, they don't CARE what the American people think about the war---nor about representing our collective desires...they're going to TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD THINK!

For all I hear on CNN about the last election being about Iraq, I have to tell you that NOT ONE CANDIDATE here in Michigan that I am aware of, including Sen. Stabenow running for re-election, EVER made political capital about their position on the war. I never heard Stabenow mention it once during the campaign, nor did any of my US Reps, as far as I know. So in Michigan, at least, this last election was NOT about the war and NEVER WAS. It was about the fact GM was going broke and a couple of other major parts suppliers were declaring bankruptcy and that the State of Michigan is threatening to lay off State Troopers because we have almost a billion dollar deficeit this fiscal year. Iraq never came up.

We overthrew the British over taxation without representation....perhaps we need to rework Congress since they seem to be about representation without representation.

I'm now stepping off my soap box.


PS..Is CENTCOM still reading you?