Overheard in the B-hut

[quote]Sig: You know what the worst part is about how any drunk monkey can get E-5? [Sergeant]

Chaos: What's that?

Sig: I still don't have it. What does that mean?

SSG Smallville: The system works.[/quote]

Sergeant (E-5) is, to quote SSG Smallville, "the new Specialist." It's virtually an automagical promotion, depending on your job and MOS. To quote another NCO, they are promoting "based on potential," not necessarily proven experience and leadership. This is, I think, the wrong direction to go. Though I benefitted from it myself, I don't think we should even be able to come in as an E-4; everyone could use some "private time."

However, if the system is going to be broken and silly, it would be nice if it would be so in my favor.




What's really funny, is that when I read through my grandfathers war journal from World War II, that was a common theme, "Where's my promotion?"

It's nice to see similar themes are still present as it bridges that gap between us and them.


That conversation sounds like something you would hear on M*A*S*H.

Sig -> Hawkeye
Chaos -> BJ
SSG Smallville -> Potter

drunk monkey -> Ferret face (can't remember his name, the major pain guy)
E-5 -> Major

I laughed myself silly when I read this.


Very close, Jon! Except switch around Chaos and Smallville. SSG Smallville is Sig's BJ. ;)

"Ferret Face" was Major Frank Burns.