It's a remarkably popular office, some days.

Work continues to be interesting. My minion has been having some health problems, so she's been out a fair bit. While she was waiting at the ER late the other evening, we texted back and forth and she told me what I which databases I would need to update if she were to die on the table such that our monthly reports didn't get screwed up too badly. That's dedication to duty right there.

Ring tones

I always spoke contemptuously of people with fashionably musical ring tones. What an insane waste of technology! How ridiculously pretentious! What a lame song! OK, so mostly I was contemptuous of people's taste. And also jealous because I wasn't willing to waste money on a cool phone that could do shiny ring tones.

Now I have a cool phone because we swapped over to T-Mobile. Yes, I've joined the Crackberry generation. And that means I can have cool ring tones, too.

To aid in this endeavor, I found a shiny site called Audiko which has a zillion musical ring tones available and will create new ones from your existing MP3s. So now instead of some lame ring-ring-ring noise, I've got Collective Soul's Heavy.

My phone is cooler than yours, but more importantly, my musical taste is superior.


On the hidden evils of news aggregators

Should circumstances land me a sentence of community service some day in the future, I am totally going to use this argument. "Your honor, I have to protect the Internet from stupid people."

Didn't I enlist to stop doing this stuff?

In which Sig talks about work--past, present, and future.

I feel unclean.

I've been learning/working with Microsoft Access 2003 all day long. This is one of those instances where it probably is the best tool for the circumstances and requirements, but I still feel the need to wash my hands.


Toshiba laptop technical trivia

In which Sig does a rather odd thing with some rather odd hardware and finds a rather odd solution to his rather odd problem.

All in all, it's rather odd.

Ground truth

I am a big fan of technology in warfare and in its promise to aid our daily lives, but I think we need to understand whether it's giving us the map or the ground truth.


I'm not sure how I missed this, but it's been out for almost a year. This is exactly what Flash is for--pointless, small, entertaining, and non-invasive.

It should, um, go without saying at this point that you will need Flash to view/play it.


So. Shiny. Whoa.

If you have any interest in the modern video game scene, you've probably already heard people rave about Gears of War and how you have to actually take cover in order not to die--running around really fast won't do it anymore. So allow me to rave about the game and how you have to actually take cover in order not to die.

Am I human?

Sadly, some people really do see a contrast between "humans" and "military personnel."

They'll pay for it when our time to rise up and claim our destiny from this human world is at hand. But you didn't hear it from me.

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