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Brief site outage (why?!)

More stuff about how awesome my web host is, and how it was totally not their fault, with some digression about how little I actually pay to keep this thing going.

Not dead, just... detached.

I'll probably have more to write about it, but I don't know when just yet. Opportunities should be a little more frequent, however, since the great generosity of several friends has allowed me to build a computer only 3 or 4 years behind the state of the art--good enough, as they say, for government work. Also, if I can ever get my disks and my manuals in the same physical locality, I might even be able to play some of my old games.

I like to write titles that only vaguely reference the subject matter.

What was my point? Oh yeah. I like civilized discourse of important issues (like guns) between people of varied but experienced and/or educated backgrounds who can argue politely and concede when they are wrong and even allow themselves to be uncertain from time to time. At least, I think I would like that, if such a thing existed.

Writing hither and thither

On writing here, and writing there--including a new there.

Getting my Русский on.

I wish I had more time, since there's a lot I'd like to say about my experience this week as a camp counselor for 1st and 2nd grade hellions, but I've got to jump straight into a two-week Russian immersion course intended to give me another shot at improving my DLPT scores. I have no idea how much time I'll have online--probably not much.

But if you can't read Sig, the next best thing is to read what Sig is reading. The link is my Google Reader shared items page--all of the items I've marked as particularly interesting in my Reader feeds. You may or may not agree, but it's there.

I'll update as opportunity allows, but that may not be until July 20th. Sorry. Deal.


Even my domain name is a killing word.

However, since the dawn of time, the logs have been... confused. Hosting on NearlyFreeSpeech, my site has a public name that I have registered ( and a true, (not so) secret name ('s kind of a Muad'dib-Usul sort of thing. Until very recently, would load the index page like normal, though if you clicked on links, it would load the equivalent.

Some minor adjustments

Some site maintenance stuff, and some minor complaining.

This that and the other thing

In which Sig updates about not updating, and covers some quick topics.

Coming soon

Harrowing tales of the secret lives of the nocturnal purveyors of wood pulp printed matter! We go deep undercover to investigate the trials and tribulations of those who bring you the world in a plasticine bag by 0530 every weekday!

In other words, we covered a paper route for Travis again, and it was kind of interesting. I will write about it before too much time goes by.



I'm still here. And I've got stuff to write. I just can't work up the enthusiasm for much of anything right now. Still getting my respiratory system in step--that's part of it.

In the meantime, you can see some of the things I've been finding interesting and noteworthy (mostly re: Russia) in the "Sig's Reader" block on the right; alternately, see my shared items page and get it all at once. This is courtesy of Google Reader, which I hope to address in a near-future article.

Thanks for being patient. Or not. You know. Whatever.


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