This is unfortunately not that surprising.

If this had happened at an abortion clinic, it would be considered a terrorist act by right-wing nutjobs and proof that all "anti-choice" people are full of hate and venom.

Because it happened at a military recruiting station in New York, it will be billed as an understandable expression of frustration over the inability of the country's leadership to listen to the will of the people, and probably the work of a lone, troubled yet brave young man who dared to speak truth to power who just needs counseling to help him better express his dissatisfaction.

I wish more states were like Georgia, where a military ID is considered functionally equivalent to a concealed carry permit. Service members should not be considered safe targets just because we're back stateside.



concealed carry.

No - definitely not - agree or disagree, violence is not the answer.

With regards to military ID being a concealed carry permit - please remember that the military is made up from the population - all segments thereof.

Now, remember how dumb the average person is.

Now, remember that half of them are dumber.

Most military personel I have had the honour to know have been well-adjusted, responsible, thoughtful people. Some just aren't. Them what aren't, I don't trust none.

Military carry

This was more an expression of frustration than a reasoned policy suggestion; I know far too many people in uniform that shouldn't have a weapon even overseas in a combat zone. Not necessarily that they are untrustworthy or poorly adjusted--just that they shouldn't be carrying weapons.


From the law enforcement perspective...

I don't like ANYBODY having guns except me.....

Before anyone starts screaming about the 4th Amendment and that I would like us turn into something akin to the old Soviet I said, I'm just speaking from my life.

The presence of guns in this society complicates my professional life every day. No one is looking to break into your house to kill you....they want your guns, jewelry and your techie stuff. But last I checked, no one was killed by a stolen gold plated curb link bracelet.

I have to walk up to EVERYBODY under the assumption they are armed and might intend to use it....if you have ever had that uneasy feeling that the police were "treating you like a criminal," understand there is no neon sign on your forehead that announces your good intentions. Case in point, the 70+ year old lady that I stopped that CLEARLY was not mentally competant to drive. In loading her in the patrol car to give her a lift home...what do I find in her purse? A loaded .32 revolver...which she had NO recollection of having. Goodness knows what public toilet grandma might have left THAT in if she decided the purse was too heavy and needed to lighten the load.

As the police, I have ZERO interest in taking over the country, and I don't know many cops who want to sit in the Oval Office either. We would just like a citizenry that we didn't HAVE to treat like armed individuals every minute of the day.

Just my 2 cents, of course.



This really is one of the genie-out-of-the-bottle things, however. Given the fact that many people do have them, and the ones who are most likely to do harm with them are the ones least likely to obey laws about them... Well. Fortune favors the prepared.

And I do work under the assumption that someone is or will be plotting to kill me or my loved ones. My preference would be to spend my entire life being wrong on this point, but the potential consequences are too serious to ignore the possibility. I cannot depend on first responders to protect the lives of my family in a timely fashion--even relatively close to town, they cannot get here fast enough.

I'm very conflicted about the second amendment. On a purely abstract level, I absolutely support the right to carry just about anything. On an emotional and experiential level, I distrust 99.999% of the rest of the population to do that responsibly.