Learning from History

I'm sure every presidential candidate in history had good intentions for this country. It's just a matter of whether those good intentions will keep our Constitution sound, our laws protected, and our way of life intact. At least one of the candidates has openly admitted to a socialist point of view (although I'm sure he didn't mean to, so now the person he admitted it to is being castigated by his followers, instead of him – fascist much?). There are many other countries that have tested and been proven worse off for their socialistic policies – and yet, there are thousands of Americans who want to make our country just like them!

We've already seen that if you are in direct opposition to (or even somewhat in disagreement with) Obama and his family/followers/endorsers/servants/sycophants, you are lower than dirt, worthy of destruction, and fair game for any inhumane treatment they can think up. I'm not exaggerating. And he's only a candidate! Imagine if he became president, and anyone dared speak out against him (as the first amendment is supposed to allow)!

I haven't seen anything from the McCain campaign that distorts and destroys his opposition so thoroughly as in Obama's. Yes, there has been some "negativity", but much of it has been truth – and, as we can see, the truth hurts. There is nothing wrong with unveiling the dishonest, crooked things your opponent has done in the past, and hold him responsible. If McCain had crooked ties in his past, I'd want him to admit to it and at least say he'd made a mistake – not lie about it and then try to backpeddle to say he'd denounced them, after he'd said he couldn't denounce them any more than he could his own family.

Many of McCain's ideas aren't the greatest for our country, but at least he has some idea of what our country has been about historically, and should continue to be. Obama wants to change us fundamentally. He wants to turn us into Canada or Europe. He looks down on simpler Americans who do the dirty work in this country. He tries to be everything for everybody – and our enemies will see that and work it to their own ends.

We might have slightly higher taxes under McCain (because he still believes in Global Warming and I'm sure will pour money into that), but we will be taxed to death under Obama, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be nothing more to him than a dry old history book.

So yes, there IS a difference between them. A vast chasm of difference. And I wish more people could see it.


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