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End of the year nonsense

I would like to see expanded readership, but not if it means writing about things I don't care about or churning out high volumes of garbage to keep people's RSS clients pinging. I won't say I do this only for myself, but I'm still the target audience--you all are collateral damage.

In short, expect more and better things. I will try not to disappoint.

Tick tock tick tock

I had a very lovely Thanksgiving; thank you to all who inquired or wished me a happy one. We blew the hell out of a small village, and then we went back to base for turkey and potatoes and stuffing and all of the trimmings.

Hey, you artsy type people

I want to join the dark side and have a banner made.

This was almost a series of interesting posts. Denied!

So no interesting stuff for you. My sympathy is limited, however, since in addition to not providing you with SigSpace updates, I'm also not taking hot showers, not eating decent food, and not doing anything useful for the war effort.

GMail makes me happy

I still prefer to do e-mail with an IMAP-capable client (such as Thunderbird or Apple Mail), but for a deployed Soldier with no computer, GMail is a nice compromise solution.

Search terms, site stats, and PowerBars

I've lost track of how much money I've spent at since I first set up this site here, but I've been extraordinarily happy with the service and the value. However much it has been, it's probably less than I've spent on PowerBars and chewing gum since I arrived in Afghanistan.

How do you read Sigspace (mostly)?

In a web browser frequently
52% (12 votes)
In a web browser infrequently
22% (5 votes)
With an RSS reader
26% (6 votes)
Via Google when searching for "the importance of being on time"
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 23

Being on time: still important

What is wrong with you people? If you don't know why being on time is important by now, you're not going to figure it out reading Sigspace.


CENTCOM is watching.


Mid Leave Report

15 days. That sounds like a lot, like you could easily fit in an evening for everyone. You can't. And I'm not going to try. And you shouldn't try to make me because I'm immune to guilt trips.

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