Portrait day on the mountain

Portrait day on the mountain

My wife complains sometimes that I don't get many pictures of me taken, so occasionally I shanghai one of my teammates into taking a shot to send home later. This was on the ridgeline--the same one as the castle--toward the end of our 18-day stay there.

I had posted a smaller version of this picture attached to a blog post earlier, but it was hard to find and not very high res.




Thanks son, this is the one I was looking for. L, M


My wife makes the same complaint. I've never been the type that likes having my picture taken, but I've had to make special efforts to appease Speare's desire to see something of me that's current.

Incidentally, I am no longer taking pictures of myself due to the fact that I've been growing a mustache (more for something to do than anything else) and it looks horrendous. Half is blonde and the other half brown - in patches. I get a lot of laughs. I'll be shaving that off about the time I hit Kuwait I think. For now, it's a welcome amusement. Maybe if I had some mustache dye, it wouldn't be so terrible.


Too bad your snail mail is shut down

I'd send you a box of that moustache dye for men.....Seriously, you have to get a picture of this moustache attempt. Remember, there's some poor private under you who can't even grow one.



Pop's mustache has been white for years, while his hair remained brown. His hair is finally trying to catch up with the mustache. =)


First photo I've seen of you since you went off to Basic. I have to say, the Army has done good things for you. You're not the pasty-white nerd making Unix jokes with me at Urn's bachelor party anymore. Heh.


I'm a pasty-white computer nerd trapped in a soldier's body.