Being on time: still important

OK, I gotta ask.

I like to keep track of the external referrer logs when I can. It tells me how people are getting here--what pages are linking to me, basically. Through this, I have discovered a few readers outside my immediate family (heya not-related-by-blood-marriage-or-battalion readers), and even some other web sites that have made a link to my site without me even paying money or getting involved in complicated blackmail schemes. This is cool.

However, one thing puzzles me.

A sizeable portion of you imaginary intarweb people are finding my site through Google. Some of you are searching for 'sigspace' or 'sig' or occasionally some Drupal-related thing; this is fine and dandy and normal.

But 21 of you over the last two weeks have found my humble (ha!) site by searching for "The importance of being on time" which leads to this semi-amusing story about the one time I missed a formation while in AIT at Goodfellow.

This isn't a new trend. For the last few months, this is consistently the most common way for someone to stumble on Sigspace via Google. It's kind of weirding me out. I didn't realize it was such a vital topic. It's not "being on time" or "important to be on time" or any variation; it's always the exact phrase "the importance of being on time."

I just thought I'd share. It's been bugging me for months. I welcome interpretation and analysis from the peanut gallery, because I can't figure it out. It's not even the best story on here or anything.

Not much else exciting in the logs. Much of it is confused because when Google reads my site it uses the actual server URL ( instead of the domain name that I paid for. Since the site software considers itself to be, it gets confused by the other URL and claims it's an external referrer, kind of making a hash of my logs. I bet there's a way to fix that.

Anyway, I'm out. I've got nothing super insightful to say right now. I'll be moving again shortly, but should still have intarweb access fairly regularly for the time being--in other words, still no work.




why do you ask a math quetion and i hate this page.

Math question

If you are not logged into the site, the math question is there to verify that you are an actual person and not just a spambot trying to waste my bandwidth with advertisements for male enhancement drugs.

Of course, verifying that you are an actual person does not guarantee that you won't waste my bandwidth...


use of you site

well i am in afghanistan and my squad leader is a prick and made me write a essay cause hes a fag aboiut being on time cause i was late once so i typed it in on google cause 5000 words isnt easy to come by and ou site popped up i found it quite amusing. good luck with everything andhave a safe trip home.


Yet another vote for "the importance of being on time."

Go figure!

Or was your poll officially closed?

By the way, welcome home!