I'll be easy to find--just look for the crater.

They finally found SSG Maupin. A PFC when he went missing in Iraq in 2004, his remains have finally been recovered. While it was somewhat galling to be out-promoted by a dead guy (and yes, I realize how petty that sounds), I think that practice is absolutely appropriate--you do not count an American soldier dead until you find the body. And even then, approach with caution and give it a poke or two.

In From the Cold has the money quote:

In response, we'd say that you can’t put a price tag on final resolution for the families of missing military personnel. Sergeant Maupin and Major Woods went to war with the expectation that their country would do everything possible to bring them home again. We have the same obligation to all military personnel who remain unaccounted for, with no regard for the expense, or how long it takes.