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Domain happiness

In which Sig finally makes the name official.

Getting there

or Breaking up is hard to do, Pt II.

Breaking up is hard to do

In which Sig elaborates on previously hinted plans for this site, and makes a request of his readership.

Web in the works

Third, I have been kicking around the idea of making a Drupal-based review site, wholly unfocused, where anybody who wants to can sign up and write reviews of anything (movies, games, books, wars, days of the week, mythical creatures, razor blades, etc.). The primary purpose of this would be, of course, my own amusement, but hey, a writing opportunity is a writing opportunity. And they couldn't be any worse than professional reviews.

Admin note re: accounts

The spam was getting severely annoying, even with the spam blocker turned on, so I have disabled anonymous comments for now. You have to have an account to post, an unfortunate inconvenience, but registration is automatic with a valid e-mail address if you are so inclined. I will fix this before too long. I think. Probably.


'Growing an Internet Garden'

The key to a good online community, of course, is not the software, but the people. And the people come for the content. People will suffer through a really lousy design if they find that the material is worth while. This is probably good, since I'm better at content than design, current post notwithstanding.

Mission: Incomprehensible

In which Sig clarifies his purpose.

"Think sticky, distributed. Think turn-key. Think viral, plug-and-play. But don't think all three at the same time. If all of this seems estranging to you, that's because it is! Think 24/7. It comes off as misleading, but it's realistic!"

Organization or lack thereof

In which Sig messes around with the menus, causing chaos and despair among the (small) userbase.

Spam-filter 66, Spam 0


[quote="Spam module admin"]66 of the 66 (100%) automatically detected spam postings were correctly marked as spam.[/quote]

Sweet. Now if only the spam sites weren't clogging up my referral logs.


Killingmachines @ the Wayback

So basically, I'm another one of those self-absorbed Intarweb 'writers' with delusions of importance and relevance. What else is new?

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