State of the art

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, SigSpace has jumped from Drupal v4.7.something to v5.1.

Drupal, for those of you joining us since last time we did this, is the content management system that powers this site. It's shiny. I've been using it since I started playing with v4.5 on my home Linux test box, eventually going hosted with almost two years ago. Every major upgrade is a minor trauma, mostly because I don't read the instructions and am never happy with the default theme.

I started out doing everything right this time. I backed up the database and all of the files to the laptop, had a nice video tutorial even to guide me through the steps. Things were going well. I was happy. I was looking forward to playing with the new features.

There is a brief interval during the process when my website becomes nothing more than an error message--the time between deleting the old files and copying over the new. This is the moment that the laptop chose to overheat and lock up. It does this from time to time--the main reason I found it in my possession (thanks, Travis!), in fact. Of course, my directions, video tutorial, and backups were all on the laptop. Brilliant work. I awarded myself an ArCom, screamed a little, drank some ginger beer, and waited for either the laptop to cool or for my wife to graciously relinquish the iBook.

Before using it, I had to promise not to break it.

A few hours later, the site is running again and most of the functions are enabled. I have no idea what I'm going to do for a theme just yet. I start over every time I do an upgrade because I take an existing theme and bastardize it--I have no mad CSS skillz to make one of my own. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing much that inspires me from the available offerings just yet. The new default theme, Garland, is actually pretty slick--it's just not what I want.

Anyway, I'm up and running again. Expect content soon.



What Did I Tell You?

Never look a gift laptop in the GPU.

It was doing so well...

I have gotten hours of heavy game play at a time out of the thing, and then it will just start randomly locking up on web browsing or nothing at all. I think this particular time it happened because I inadvertently blocked the vent for the graphics card--I opened it up and traced the heat sink yesterday to figure out what was cooling where.

I have not yet begun to fight the good fight, however.