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Eat it, Texas Poker.

We shall see how well the spam module works. I have installed it, and re-enabled preview-less comment posting.


The DLI Chronicles

Herein are gathered in chronological order all of my DLI-related blog posts from when I was actually at DLI.

At least, herein are gathered the last few months' worth. During the first few months of my time there, I was still writing at the now defunct After that spontaneously combusted (almost literally), I started a livejournal over here, which I kept going until I first set up, which eventually moved to, which eventually came here.

In theory, I could probably find a way to import my KMorg entries here, and even my LJ entries, but I have not yet figured out how that would work. And frankly, it's not that high priority an issue.


10 Weeks

The site has been up at this location hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net for 10 weeks now.

So far, it has cost me $2.80, plus domain registration.


Need a computer.

I need my own computer. The United States Army, in its infinite wisdom, has installed NetNanny on the computers in the lab here with stunningly ridiculous settings. I can't view half of my own site.


Наконец--I'm finished.

Finally, I am done clearing. It took way too much time, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but I did eventually clear S-1, and as far as the Battalion is concerned, I'm just some random Soldier--no longer their problem. Tomorrow morning I have graduation at 0915, and then I sign out on leave, at which time I'm free until April 8th, when I must report in at Goodfellow AFB to Bravo Company of the 344th MI Battalion to finish my training.

So what does that mean? It means I won't be on the intarweb much--possibly for quite a while. So don't expect much in the way of updates here, and when they do show up, expect them to be bitter and brief.

The news aggregator will keep going, of course, if you are interested in that.

Once I have more free time--end of the summer?--I intend to revamp the Russian section, maybe do some real reviews of the various sites and organize links and such in a more useful fashion. I have some ideas on how that might best be done, but as always, suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime, I have a LOT of packing to do, now that DLI is done with me.


In Hiding

I'm in hiding at the moment.

There is a Mary Kay Kult meeting going on in the dining room, so I'm hiding in the bedroom (with Chance, intermittently; he's not too sure about strangers), drinking decaf and working on the site. Specifically, I'm copying selected blog entries from to, since I want to start using the server for testing again.

NTS: I may have to pick a new subdomain to more easily differentiate between the systems.

Anyway, you might see certain things from the old site reappear here, though I have been copying over the entry dates as well, so they shouldn't pop up on the front page or anything.


Storm Theme

The 'Storm' theme I have developed using one of the default Drupal xtemplate themes is available here. This is a slightly improved version over the old one I had made available for download, as it fixes the navigation tabs that show on some pages which had insufficient contrast to be legible.

Just unzip into its own folder under /themes (e.g. /themes/storm) and it should show up just fine. I should probably get around to making a screenshot to use. should be back up.

I spent way too long today resurrecting the server and making it play nice, but we finally have it back up. In addition to its relatively insignificant web server duties, it also handled NAT and web proxy duties here in the home, and that's what I was really wishing I had.

I will probably make some changes there to better distinguish it from this site, since this one is in active development and that one is not. Once I've removed what I need from the drupal 4.5.2 install there, I will probably wipe the box and start testing 4.6, assuming that time allows.


About SigSpace

...In which I expound upon the nature of this site, and its humble origins.

Russian section back up

Alright, I've copied, pasted, and edited the appropriate entries from the to the new russian section. I've added a few additional items, and it's organized a little differently. Shortly I will have the RapidRote files up as well.

In the meantime, I am watching Children of Dune on DVD (from Netflix) and thinking about drinking a beer. Tonight's homework is already finished.


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