Так мое слово становится камнем


In which Sig (thankfully!) doesn't get hired for a job he never really wanted.


So I ended up eating chicken noodle soup, sucking down TheraFlu, and beating X-Men Legends on my new (to me) GameCube. I have only two games; this one, and Super Smash Bros Melee. The single-player value of the latter is somewhat limited, alas, especially if you suck at it (which I do). It's quite humbling to get your ass kicked by Jigglypuff.

Stuff like this is why I haven't voted in five years

I arrive home and check the mail. My ballot has arrived! W00t! I go inside and wave it in my wife's face--neener, neener, I get to participate in our representative government elections before you. (Presumably, her ballot will arrive soon.)

I have not voted in... a long, long time. There's often but not always a good reason, but this time it's clear and simple. One ballot issue--our presidential primary. It won't matter, of course, whom I choose, because the issue will be decided by the time WA's primary occurs, but dammit, I'm going to participate. For once, there's a candidate I actually want to win, and not just a whole bunch that I want to lose.

I rip it open, read the instructions quickly, and make my bold, black line for the One True Candidate To Rule Them All. Then I seal it all up and put it next to the door with the outgoing Netflix movie. I have participated in government. I have fulfilled my citizen-soldier responsibility. I have done my small part to further the cause of America.

At this time, my wife informs me that Fred Thompson dropped out of the race.

Screw it. I'm voting for Cthulhu.


Incomprehensibly stupid moments in automotive maintenance

In which Sig sets his car on fire.


I'm doing a two-week language immersion, about 12 hours per day for 13 days, so excuse me if it's even quieter here than it has already been lately.

Christmas was great. New Year's Eve was great. Training is frustrating. My listening seems to be much improved since last time I spent a good deal of time training, but my speaking is still about on par with a non-Russian Russian speaker who is unable to speak well.


PS- 10 weeks until ребёнок бывает.

The long paw of the tsar

How sad is it that my first thought upon hearing about this was that La Russophobe would soon be decrying it as a neo-Soviet hit job purrpetrated by Tsar Vladimir's evil, er, cat's paw?

Investigators were trying to determine how a Siberian [sig: Aha!] tiger escaped its enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo, killing one man and mauling two others.

Zoo officials are still uncertain of how the tiger, which last year badly mauled a zookeeper, got loose before it was shot dead Tuesday.

My deepest sympathies to the family, конечно, and yes, I know that I'm a bad person for immediately finding humor in this situation.


I still want the t-shirt, by the way.

IMAO has been running Fred Thompson Facts in the vein of the old Chuck Norris Facts for a few months now. These vary from okay-he-he-kinda-funny to shooting-coffee-out-my-nose-funny.

Now they have a music video. [Embedded in full article]

We shall call him Shiva, Destroyer of Closet Monsters

This particular store has a whole section kind of cordoned off for the kids' books, perhaps to help keep the younger browsers from escaping custody, or maybe just to keep the creepy old guys away from the little ones. Regardless, I stalked up and down the aisles, dodging mothers with infants and tiny babies, checking out the offerings. I'm going to be buying stuff for Siglet eventually, I reasoned, so I ought to check out what's available.

Caring is nice. Doing is better.

In the context of the recent whining by a few misguided State Department pansies ("We won't go to Iraq, we won't we won't we won't!"), Matt Sanchez says some smart things.

Free Tibet, Save Darfur, Feed the World – these slogans betray the fickle attitude behind the motivation for actually doing something. Too many "activists" think "caring" is enough, but despite television spots, celebrity endorsements and plenty of pity, Tibet is not free, the world is not fed, and Darfur is far from saved.

The worse violators of this "I care therefore I am" scam are those who have no faith. Think of the missionaries daring deep jungles at a time when disease presented an even greater threat than hostile action. Think of those you know who are willing to make great sacrifice and risk, because their belief is deeper than a narcissistic bumper sticker or more enduring than a televised concert.

This attitude has always annoyed me, whether it's people not willing to pay the price (in money or in blood) to bail out a war-torn country or people at church who can't commit to anything beyond "keeping x in their prayers."



Alas, they seem to be able to cope with the problems without me. Guess I'll get back to the oh-so-important database query I was working on.

Meh. My wife has the details and picture links.


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