Money would be nice.

The next time someone talks about our "mercenary" military, you have my permission to punch them in the throat. Mercenaries get paid better.

Starting up again

Sorry for the suspense. Yes, I am in fact starting work tomorrow. No, I am not dead. I even have stuff that is in the middle of being written and a few other things which I have been thinking about--I'm just not writing much lately.

While you're waiting, go check out the newest SpaceNinja.


Holding pattern

Wow, no updates for five days. That's got to be some sort of record since I've been home.

What better way...?

What better way to say "I love you" than to say "I am fiscally sound and can provide food, shelter, and health care for you and any children we might have?" Yeah, I can't think of one either.

What have I done?

I just finished the online application for a well-paying local job for which I am well-suited and experienced. Somewhere in Lynnwood, Mike just experienced a sharp pain in his brain and he doesn't know why.

This will probably come back to bite me. But darn it, I like being able to buy food and pay rent.


I worked today.

Very very boring. Not at all challenging. The people were nice, but being a complete newbie to the site and only working there one day, it was hardly worth trying to teach me to do anything, or even where anything was. I knew a hell of a lot more about where settings for Office were stored than the guy I was helping--even a version of Office (2003) that I'd never used before.

Breathing room

The Army has thoughtfully decided to give me some of my back pay. I checked my leave and earnings statement (LES) as part of the filling out the unemployment form from hell, and noticed that I had a random payment of $1600 (before taxes) which I didn't recognize. It was identified as a reenlistment bonus.

Not that I'm not grateful, mind you, but my current enlistment doesn't end until 2011--I don't believe in half measures, you see, and I signed up for eight years. Anyway, the remarks section sort of clarified things, and it appears that this is the $200/month foreign language proficiency pay (FLPP, pronounced 'flip') that I haven't received since May of last year.

Of course, it actually went up to $300/month as of 15 August of last year, so they still owe me several hundred dollars... Not that I'm complaining. That's rent and food and gas money for a while longer.

And, of course, it will mean further headaches for trying to fill out NEXT week's unemployment form. Does receiving back pay count as having been paid for this week? No idea. It should be amusing to find out, though.


The Devil's Web Form

In which Sig tries to fill out some simple paperwork.

The best and the worst

Four cold hours, drinking rapidly cooling decaf coffee from the thermos, watching my wife, and seeing a surprising generosity of spirit from people who had lots, little, and occasionally nothing but thanks for our being there.

It is possible that I am barking mad.

What it really comes down to is that our ideal naive vision for the future includes owning our own home and property, home schooling the kids, being active and useful in our church and community, and spending as much time together as is humanly possible until one of us--probably me--keels over.

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