Weekend report

In which Sig demonstrates the product of his weekend labors (sort of) and hints at further things to come.

10 Weeks

The site has been up at this location hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech.Net for 10 weeks now.

So far, it has cost me $2.80, plus domain registration.


About SigSpace

...In which I expound upon the nature of this site, and its humble origins.

Brief Outage

OK, we had an outage for a few hours, but it was due to scheduled maintenance and upgrades on the host that I neglected to mention. The system didn't quite pop up again right away, but it was sorted out post haste. I'm quite pleased with the support at so far.

I still haven't repaired my server yet, so it will be a bit yet before the rest of the old stuff makes it over.


Sobrania lives again.

As threatened, I am re-creating my former site,, from the ground up with hosting from There are some interesting technical hurdles to jump through, and certain things are just not going to make the transition (Baen ISOs, notably), but we'll get there.

This was done a little hastily than planned, mostly because Sobrania (the server) had an unexpected network card hardware failure. Once I get things sorted out, reconstruction should go much faster.


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