Apparently, Fort Lewis doesn't have a single ice-scraper truck.

I received a call last night from my squad leader telling me not to come in today; they were preemptively canceling operations for the day.

So let's review my week, especially for those of you not following on Twitter:

  • Monday: Went to work as normal. Didn't get much done.
  • Tuesday: Took the day off to get a DA photo and apply for a job.
  • Wednesday: Worked from 0530 until about 1000, when they closed the base. Part of this was taken up by our Christmas party, which for reasons unknown included making waffles.
  • Thursday: Base not open until 1000, but I had a prior engagement in Tacoma and then Kent which lasted until 1015, by which time the base had been closed again, so I drove home.
  • Friday: Slept in, made coffee, webwandering.

Not the most productive week.

Really, it's not even the snow--it's the other people. That was the reason I went in early on Wednesday; there were only a few inches of snow, but there was at least half a foot of stupid. The MR2 does surprisingly well in the snow and ice, assuming you can get the parking brake disengaged and are in no particular hurry to get anywhere, but I am not so trusting of the thousands of SUVs with which I'm sharing the road.