Russian stability

[quote]Yes, stability has come to Russia. It is a monstrous stability under which nobody seeks justice in law courts which flaunt their subservience and partisanship. Nobody in his or her right mind seeks protection from the institutions entrusted with maintaining law and order, because they are totally corrupt.

Lynch law is the order of the day, both in people's minds and in their actions. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.[/quote]


[Edit: Check out also this link to a review of the twenty journalists killed in Russia since Comrade Putin became the president. While some may joke about "a good start" in this country, it's not a laughing matter over there.]

In honor of staff officers

The typical staff officer is a man past middle life, spare, wrinkled, intelligent, cold, noncommittal, with eyes like a codfish, polite in contact, but at the same time unresponsive, cool, calm and as damnably composed as a concrete post or plaster of Paris cast; a human petrification with a heart of feldspar and without charm or the friendly germ; minus bowels, passions or a sense of humor. Happily they never reproduce and all of them finally go to hell.

- Gen George S. Patton, Jr.

An old problem

Correspondence from the Duke of Wellington, August of 1812, strongly suggests that we haven't learned a whole lot in the last 200 years.

Roy's Quote

In which Sig discusses the significance of Roy Benavidez, and why you should click on his link.

Overheard in the hut

Referring to the aforementioned Sudoku puzzle generator:

[quote]SFC Strongbad: So is it fun?

SPC Sig: Sometimes. Mostly it fills me with a nameless rage.

SGT Smallville (from across the hall): Puppies fill you with a nameless rage.

SPC Sig: [pause] They're so barky.

I do like puppies, but you can't tell me that their high-pitched barking isn't like a drill press to your skull.


Fear is the mind killer

Wow. Hasufin says it best here. [quote]We must know that when the risks are given to us that it is wrong to blame the messenger. We are no safer for ignorance. If we stand still, if we go back, if we shy away - we will not grow. We must choose to live better than that.[/quote]

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