I love my web host

It's time for more NearlyFreeSpeech.net (NFSN) fanboy ranting. If you have no interest in website hosting, you may safely skip this entry.

I love this host. It makes me very happy. I've been running my sites here for over a year now, starting with the now-defunct sobrania.net and expanding to encompass this main site, Jawa's weblog, Sunbeam's weblog, my virtually unused SMF web board, my sitebar, and my photo gallery. Together, all of these, plus DNS for the subdomains, plus e-mail forwarding, plus registrar privacy (so my name isn't plastered all over teh intarweb), cost me between 10 and 20 cents per day.

The only outages I've ever noticed have been pretty brief, and most of them would occur without my ever knowing--except that NFSN tells me about them. Their site is very easy to navigate, their help files are pretty comprehensive, they are patient on their members webboard when people ask the same questions over and over again, and they are constantly tweaking things and adding new features to make my experience that much better.

Unless you have compelling need of certain specific system environment features (like PHP not running in safe mode), I really can't conceive of why you would want to be hosted elsewhere.

Anyway, I'm done raving now. Total cost for all of my sites (including test sites I installed and removed over that time) over the last year has been about $38, which is slightly more than what I pay per month for the lousy internet service provider here which gives slightly-faster-than-dial-up speeds and goes down several times a day.