Assuming I can figure this out properly, I am archiving this site in preparation to start over from scratch.

I initially set this site up under Drupal 4.6 back in March of 2005. After not quite 5 years of experimentation, guesswork, not reading the instructions, and not staying current on updates (I'm not even certain which version is running at the moment, 6.something), I figure it's time to start clean, either with the current version of Drupal (likely) or WordPress or something (also possible).

The content here will (if this works right) end up on http://archive.sigspace.net, and the new site will appear at this URL.


User account fail

I had someone e-mail me recently asking how they would go about creating an account to allow them to comment. I had forgotten until I looked into it that I'd turned off do-it-yourself account creation. The spambots seemed to be abusing it, I recalled, but I couldn't remember the details. So I re-enabled it and went about my business.

I looked into it some more and then I disabled it again. Spam accounts outnumber real user accounts by about 400 to 1. I need to look into the current Drupal software tools and modules and see what I can do about that.

In the meantime, if you truly want a user account, shoot me an e-mail. If you just forgot your password, there's a link on the login box/page.

I will try to write more soon, but my monitor is on a different floor from my computer right now, where it's fulfilling its actual primary duty as a television. Specifically, it is allowing my wife and I to watch Supernatural season 3 together from the couch--an option not available in front of my computer.


Leaving well enough alone

Since my favorite content management system is getting ready to release version 6, I thought I might as well get my own site updated to the latest in the 5.x branch so I'll be able to upgrade when it's time. While I was at it, I added some themes and selected a new default. There were a few that had great potential but then some massive fatal flaw; this is not my favorite, but it looks sharp and will do until my whimsy directs me elsewhere.

However, since most of you read this via RSS, it probably doesn't matter that much.


PS- Why aren't the rest of you reading via RSS? I mean, seriously.

Even my domain name is a killing word.

However, since the dawn of time, the logs have been... confused. Hosting on NearlyFreeSpeech, my site has a public name that I have registered (sigspace.net) and a true, (not so) secret name (sig.nfshost.com)--it's kind of a Muad'dib-Usul sort of thing. Until very recently, sig.nfshost.com would load the index page like normal, though if you clicked on links, it would load the sigspace.net equivalent.

Some minor adjustments

Some site maintenance stuff, and some minor complaining.

On colors and words and the thoughts behind them

In which several PDA-friendly solutions are floated, a new system of classification is implemented, and a hamster dies.

State of the art

In which SigSpace becomes newer and prettier.

Matters of Classification

For example, I was going to write a post about going to the range with my new rifle yesterday--would that go under weapons (military), weapons (entertainment), or even family (in-laws)? Or maybe even Soviet history (military), since it's a 1938 combat rifle from the Soviet Union?

OCS: On Civilian Streets

Finally, word came down: we're done, go home. After sitting around for 4 hours, we had a small company formation, a very brief "Good war, everybody, let's do it again next year" speech, and were dismissed. </war>

End of the year nonsense

I would like to see expanded readership, but not if it means writing about things I don't care about or churning out high volumes of garbage to keep people's RSS clients pinging. I won't say I do this only for myself, but I'm still the target audience--you all are collateral damage.

In short, expect more and better things. I will try not to disappoint.

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