It's like, um, a Russian study aid or something.

Merry Christmas! My brother-in-law acquired one of these for my personal amusement and edification. I gotta get it all cleaned up so I can go to the range.




How sweet!!!They used Mosins in Poland too...Have fun!

Tips and tricks

Ah, the joys of cosmolene removal. If the stock is in bad condition for dings, scratches, and finish wear, the best chemical for getting cosmolene out is oven cleaner. Make sure you rinse it off really good with water afterward so you dont get chemical burns. Do NOT do this inside. If you go this route you will probably have to sand and refinish (linseed oil or varnish) the stock afterward.

Second best chemical method is mineral spirits, an old toothbrush and lots of elbow grease.

Simple green workls, but you need a LOT of it.

Most dangerous chemical method is to pour gasoline on it and set in on fire, the cosmolene will melt out and drip off.

Non-chemical method: heat the stock up with an oven, heat gun, or by wrapping it up in towels and black plastic and leaving it in the sun in summer. Since its not summer, this wont work too good. If you use your oven, your wife will probably kill you. Especially if you dont put a disposable pan under the stock to catch the drips.

Getting cosmolene out of the metal is the easy part. Start with mineral spirits and then use CLP or Mpro, finish with a light coat of oil once the metal isnt sticky anymore. Brake or carb cleaner will also work for jet degreasing in tiny crevasses.

Disassemble the bolt and jsut drop it in a pan of the mineral spirits and let it soak a while.. toothbrush it out while in there, use canned air to blow it out. Make sure you get the firing pin channel and spring clean.