Leaving well enough alone

Since my favorite content management system is getting ready to release version 6, I thought I might as well get my own site updated to the latest in the 5.x branch so I'll be able to upgrade when it's time. While I was at it, I added some themes and selected a new default. There were a few that had great potential but then some massive fatal flaw; this is not my favorite, but it looks sharp and will do until my whimsy directs me elsewhere.

However, since most of you read this via RSS, it probably doesn't matter that much.


PS- Why aren't the rest of you reading via RSS? I mean, seriously.



What's RSS? ;-)

Seriously though, I just have been visiting the sites for so long that I haven't bothered to use the RSS feed.

Thunderbird displays the theme

Seriously - what are you using for RSS?

No idea why

Just Google Reader. Call me lame. =)


Nice theme :)

I really like Sky. I use it on my site as well. I hardly ever read through a reader. I prefer to actually visit the sites.


Visiting the sites

I like visiting MY site, but I prefer to gather my quick reading in one location. If it's an interesting article, I will open it up to see what other people are saying.

I use my RSS reader more like a collection of bookmarks that include previews.



Some day you'll have to explain RSS and show me how to use it. I'm clueless, but you already knew that.