Some things are just funny, and you need to get over it.

My wife shared an item, and then I saw the Slashdot article on it: Sniping Could Be the Next Killer iPod App. Basically, it's a rail-mounting system for an iPod with ballistics calculation software on it, so you can have it mounted on your rifle.

Kind of cool. Not something I would likely spend my precious coinage on, although I wouldn't mind having the rifle.

As is usually the case, Slashdot is good for lots of knee-jerk reactionary commentary, with the occasional insightful remark. And, of course, lots of jokes in poor taste--that is to say, funny jokes.

The reactionary stuff is the most entertaining, though. A typical example:

Anyone who has ever taken a human life doesn't crack jokes about it. unless they are a cretin or a sociopath, or have never actually taken a human life

so if you found the headline funny, please self identify as moron or psychopath or ignorant, and go about the rest of your day, content in the fact that you know a little bit more about your personal failings

In response, I can only give the following:

Q: What's the first thing you feel when you shoot a civilian?

A: Recoil.

Humor at its finest.