Stupid People

Mistrial in the Watada case

Per the AP on King 5 news, the presiding judge has declared a mistrial in the case of 1LT Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy to Iraq with his soldiers.

. . .

A retrial may or may not occur, pending a debate between Marjorie Cohn and my Law & Order DVDs.

A Peaceful Demonstration

I haven't caught much on the news about these delusional psychos, probably because the big story was all of the war veterans going crazy and beating the crap out of them and destroying public property.

Oh wait. That didn't happen.

Well, then, I don't know why I didn't hear anything about this.

I support the American people.

Honestly, I'd just like people to sit up and pay attention. This is a clearer example than most of exactly what some of these people think of your neighbors, the ones who are out fighting in a foreign land right now.


In which Sig reacts, a stranger does not, and some stress reveals itself.

Literacy--the missing qualification

Time for a pop quiz. Based on the above information, if you were to try to contact me regarding my resume found at, which method would you try first?

a. E-mail
b. Telephone

If you answered "a," you are overqualified to be a technical recruiter and are probably doomed to a life of reading comprehension.

Am I human?

Sadly, some people really do see a contrast between "humans" and "military personnel."

They'll pay for it when our time to rise up and claim our destiny from this human world is at hand. But you didn't hear it from me.

"Healthy and normal"

When you come home, of course, you need to demobilize. Briefings, briefings, briefings. Medical questionnaires. The Active Army is supposed to fix whatever they broke while they borrowed you from your state before sending you home. Additionally, they want to make sure you don't kill your families and friends when you get there, so they have some screenings and briefings. Personally, I have a theory that PowerPoint briefings cause domestic violence--it would explain a hell of a lot.


It took me two days to track down someone who could open up the armory and get me a weapon, and I'm finally carrying again--my M-16, because the supply sergeant is "not sure" where my M-249 is. Not sure. How can you be not sure? This isn't a laundry bag that got thrown in the wrong bin--it's a belt-fed 5.56mm fully automatic friendmaker.

Amazing arrogance

Law & Order SVU actor Richard Belzer ... You know what? I can't even summarize this. It's too ridiculous.

. . .

This is why I don't watch television. I don't like to be reminded about what I'm fighting for.

Katrina and the National Guard

I find it interesting and rather offensive that certain elements are using Katrina to attack the conduct of operations in Iraq. The argument goes that we could be doing much better to respond to Katrina relief efforts if only our National Guard were not so heavily deployed to Iraq.

Not so much.

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