Didn't I enlist to stop doing this stuff?

In which Sig talks about work--past, present, and future.


I'm doing a two-week language immersion, about 12 hours per day for 13 days, so excuse me if it's even quieter here than it has already been lately.

Christmas was great. New Year's Eve was great. Training is frustrating. My listening seems to be much improved since last time I spent a good deal of time training, but my speaking is still about on par with a non-Russian Russian speaker who is unable to speak well.


PS- 10 weeks until ребёнок бывает.

Getting my Русский on.

I wish I had more time, since there's a lot I'd like to say about my experience this week as a camp counselor for 1st and 2nd grade hellions, but I've got to jump straight into a two-week Russian immersion course intended to give me another shot at improving my DLPT scores. I have no idea how much time I'll have online--probably not much.

But if you can't read Sig, the next best thing is to read what Sig is reading. The link is my Google Reader shared items page--all of the items I've marked as particularly interesting in my Reader feeds. You may or may not agree, but it's there.

I'll update as opportunity allows, but that may not be until July 20th. Sorry. Deal.



A video from my favorite Russian band, Lyube (Любэ), "Kombat" (Battery commander). "Read more" for the embed (because I hate having them on the front page).

Пилзбэри До-бой Пришел!

Some things don't require translation. I'd heard of this commercial while I was studying at DLI, but I never saw it for myself until today.

The expressions on their faces are priceless.


This that and the other thing

In which Sig updates about not updating, and covers some quick topics.

Do you know Russian? Could you teach me really fast?

This week, I'm scheduled to take my language proficiency test--an annual requirement that I haven't done since I left the language school over two years ago. I spent the weekend preparing, by which I mean drinking beer and crying a bit.

Today was the reading comprehension test. The verdict? Not bad. I mean, random guessing should average 25%, right? Tomorrow is the listening test. I predict wailing and gnashing of teeth. Of course, most foreign languages sound like that to me.


Good advise for to be learned a new language


KNOW ENGLISH DOESN'T OWN EVERYTHING AND DON'T EXPECT SOMEBODY WILL SPEAK ENGLISH FOR YOU ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD (even though they actually do, but you know you can't be that lame silly duck!)[/quote]

When Russian Goes Bad! (Bad Russian! Bad!)

I was searching for info on a game that I have been lent. I came across the following Russian game site. This really speaks for itself:[quote]As a whole the game created about itself excellent impression, video, sound, simplicity and complexity in single whole create unique impression about best RPG which I it saw. Nothing is compared with this, I advise all although once to sit down at this game and to take pleasure by peace Neverwinter. Pover'te, you will forget it never, in you all, even smallest details will remain in the memory. Even those, who do not love this genre, he is worth trying, but suddenly it to you to catch the fancy, although 4 this I do not doubt.

You never will be strummed into this miracle of computer technologies, with the fact that the developers about this tried to the glory. I desire to you to successfully pass it several times, and to then create their peaces, to play on the network with 64 the same amateurs of this masterpiece, and to kill more than 200 are specific diverse monsters. On this I will finish its survey, I desire to you pleasant to take pleasure by game...[/quote]Having played the game a little before, I am forced to agree--indeed, you never will be strummed into this miracle of computer technologies.


Это всё.

Конец курса. Последний экзамен--совсем уничтожен. Ничего ещё сказать.


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